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List of Monthly Favorites (40 total)

Rank Count Name Types Abstract More...
1 10 HASHWF A General HASH function (S/370 and other systems) (+)
2 9 CMSDDR Enhanced DDR program to simulate DDR tapes via CMS files (+)
3 9 GUISET Tailor XEDIT settings via a CMS GUI application (+)
4 9 LEXX LEXX, The Live Parsing Editor (+)
5 8 FILELIST Improvements to FILELIST, RDRLIST and EXECUTE Version 2.4.9a (+)
6 8 FIXZMAN CMS program to consolidate a SMAPI zManager NOTEBOOK configuration file (+)
7 8 H2S H2S - Converts HTML to Script/VS (DCF) for fine printing with AFP or PostScript (+)
8 8 KM This package is a CSL interface to the KMx cipher instructions; with Rexx Pipes stages showing their use. (+)
9 8 LINMON MONWRITE Collector (+)
10 8 LXC Run CMS commands from a TCP connected system (V1.4.2) (+)
11 8 PIPEDDR Dump/Restore a disk to a file, ftp server, or over TCP/IP to a remote system. Supports compression, digest verification, and secure connections. (+)
12 8 QID "CSO" interface to CallUp phone directories (+)
13 8 R4MON Report on VM66095 EDEV FCP chpid and device records. (+)
14 8 VMHP Tools we use to manage the VM home page system. (+)
15 8 VMSERVE A Disconnected Virtual Machine manager for VM that handles reader files, messages and time-of-day events. (+)
16 7 CHUG Script-driven test tool with HTML output and near-total control of test UserID. (+)
17 7 FCXTREND Pruning aid for IBM Performance Toolkit's FCXTREND files (+)
18 7 GUISKEL A framework to build REXX CMS/GUI applications much easier. V3 (+)
19 7 MAILGATE Package to enable SMTP gateway functions on a pre-VM/ESA 2.3.0 system. (+)
20 7 MONWATCH Feed CP Monitor records to a user-written Pipelines stage (+)
21 7 PRFIT Wrapper to invoke PERFKIT BATCH (+)
22 7 PRFVIEW Have a decent view on VMPRF listings: we use CMSGUI Version 2.2 (+)
23 7 PTKTOOLS PTKTOOLS contains some simple PERFKIT related execs + ctl files V1.2 (+)
24 7 SSIQSERV Issue Q CPSERVICE on all SSI members and show differences in the active fixes. (+)
25 7 TAB2GC Draw charts entirely on CMS (+)
26 7 VIR2REAL Compute the Virtual to Real storage (memory) ratio of running users in a VM LPAR. (+)
27 7 YR2000VM Technical Description of VM/ESA's Year 2000 Support (updated Sept. 1999) (+)
28 6 CHARLOTT Charlotte - fullscreen, textual World Wide Web browser for CMS (+)
29 6 CHKSERV A CMS/GUI application to manage lots of RXSERVER based servers V0.7 (+)
30 6 CMDTABLE Generate files listing all defined CP commands and diagnoses with the privilege classes. (+)
31 6 COMPARE Comparing files with XEDIT, Comparing minidisks (or FILELISTs). V1.9b (+)
32 6 CPQUERY CMS GUI exec, issues CP Query commands and manages NSS V4.0.4 (+)
33 6 CPUMF Report on D5 R13 MRPRCMFC CPU Measurement Facility counters. (+)
34 6 DIRLIST Dirlist update to add FILEPOOL and SUBDIR tag support with NICK option (+)
35 6 D0R16TOP Draws machine topology from a MONWRITE File (+)
36 6 D5R13CRY Report on D5 R13 MRPRCMFC CPU Measurement Facility CPACF counters. (+)
37 6 FILESIZE Determine the size of a CMS file (+)
38 6 GD-XEDIT Various XEDIT Goodies from Kris Buelens V 1.5 (+)
39 6 GUIONE Make your own CMS/GUI performance monitor (includes GBOS2) V1.1 (+)
40 6 GUITELL A CMS GUI front-end for TELL Version 1.2b (+)