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VM Download Library Monthly Favorites

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List of Monthly Favorites (40 total)

Rank Count Name Types Abstract More...
1 34 LXCMS Linux access to CMS resources (+)
2 29 RSKFIX Reusable Server Kernel (RSK) fix pack (+)
3 28 PICKPIPE Choose between default VM, Marist, and test runtime versions of Pipelines (+)
4 28 PIPEDDR Dump/Restore a disk to a file, ftp server, or over TCP/IP to a remote system. Supports compression, DDR format, and CRC verification. (+)
5 28 RSK-GA RSK Extras (GA level) (+)
6 28 TOOLSRUN TOOLSRUN Distributed Master/Shadow Disks and Conference Manager (+)
7 24 DR_DRCT Directory fix-it tools: Move/expand DRCT area; find CMS minidisks; more. (+)
8 24 KM This package is a CSL interface to the KMx cipher instructions; with Rexx Pipes stages showing their use. (+)
9 24 VMREVIEW EXEC to check the major changes to a z/VM system if migrating to z/VM 6.4.0 (+)
10 22 CMSDDR Enhanced DDR program to simulate DDR tapes via CMS files (+)
11 22 CPQUERY CMS GUI exec, issues CP Query commands and manages NSS V4.0.4 (+)
12 22 HELP Improvements to HELP: help with wildcards, more colors, better RRT V1.5 (+)
13 22 RELODOM Displays the relocation domains in a member of an SSI. (+)
14 22 REXXIUCV IUCV interface for REXX (+)
15 22 SCKXPIPE Socket access to XPIPES functions (+)
16 22 SPOOLPIG Display the largest spool files and users of the spool on a system. (+)
17 22 XPIPES cross-machine pipelines (+)
18 21 GUISKEL A framework to build REXX CMS/GUI applications much easier. V3 (+)
19 21 GUITELL A CMS GUI front-end for TELL Version 1.2b (+)
20 21 MAILGATE Package to enable SMTP gateway functions on a pre-VM/ESA 2.3.0 system. (+)
21 21 PRFCOPY The most complete "cut&paste" for XEDIT V4.2.f (+)
22 21 Q_SMAPI SMAPI - Query Dir. Manager Level & Query API Func. Level API clients (+)
23 21 RACHELP Create normal CMS Help files for RACF from RACF help facility files. (+)
24 20 B2H B2H: Convert Bookmaster, GML, Script/VS and "flat" files to HTML (Internet)   Release 4.7 (+)
25 20 CP3KVMXT Summarizes Monitor data for input to the IBM zCP3000 capacity planning tool. (+)
26 20 PF10PF11 PF10 & PF11 Xedit macros offer the advantage to move left or right depending on the position of the cursor in the file. (+)
27 20 SEARCH Search Engine for VM-Hosted Web Sites (+)
28 20 SERVEPDF View a PDF file from the CMS session in the web browser (+)
29 20 SHAREDQS Shared CMS Queues over DCSS (+)
30 20 VIR2REAL Compute the Virtual to Real storage (memory) ratio of running users in a VM LPAR. (+)
31 20 VMSERVE A Disconnected Virtual Machine manager for VM that handles reader files, messages and time-of-day events. (+)
32 19 CASEWRD Change the case of a word in XEDIT (+)
33 19 DIRENT Extracts entries from the object directory. (+)
34 19 DMT-XX Directory Migration Tools (+)
35 19 FIXZMAN CMS program to consolidate a SMAPI zManager NOTEBOOK configuration file (+)
36 19 GUIBLD95 Windows 95 GUI Builder for Writing CMS GUI Applications (+)
37 19 HASHWF A General HASH function (S/370 and other systems) (+)
38 19 LCLQRY Local CP-exits providing queries to display your AUTOLOGGER or ALTUSER st (+)
39 19 MONCLEAN Clean up MONWRITE disk of Monwrite files. (+)
40 19 MONVIEW Tools to look at raw VM/ESA or z/VM monitor data. (+)