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VM Download Library Monthly Favorites

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List of Monthly Favorites (40 total)

Rank Count Name Types Abstract More...
1 19 REXXIUCV IUCV interface for REXX (+)
2 18 SSIQSERV Issue Q CPSERVICE on all SSI members and show differences in the active fixes. (+)
3 16 CHARLOTT Charlotte - fullscreen, textual World Wide Web browser for CMS (+)
4 16 CP3KVMXT Summarizes Monitor data for input to the IBM zCP3000 capacity planning tool. (+)
5 15 LEXX LEXX, The Live Parsing Editor (+)
6 15 LP-PACK Inter-related PACKAGEs supported by LP. (+)
7 15 LXCMS Linux access to CMS resources (+)
8 15 VMSERVE A Disconnected Virtual Machine manager for VM that handles reader files, messages and time-of-day events. (+)
9 14 COLSIMPL COLS insert and COLS delete SIMPLE Xedit macros. (+)
10 14 DEPT Do various things with DEPARTMENT LISTS. (+)
11 14 PTKVIEW Have a decent view on VMPTK listings: we use CMSGUI Version 1.0.a (+)
12 14 VIR2REAL Compute the Virtual to Real storage (memory) ratio of running users in a VM LPAR. (+)
13 13 BKWPITCH Assorted conference presentations from Brian Wade. (+)
14 13 EDCKD A tool to display and/or alter records on any CKD DASD. (+)
15 13 ITEMACTN Perform various actions on file 'items'. (+)
16 13 PIPEDDR Dump/Restore a disk to a file, ftp server, or over TCP/IP to a remote system. Supports compression, DDR format, and CRC verification. (+)
17 13 SEARCH Search Engine for VM-Hosted Web Sites (+)
18 13 XFER2 Transfer a file from your RDRLIST. (+)
19 12 BFSLIST List a BFS filespace in a FILELIST/DIRLIST like way Version 3.1.b (+)
20 12 CONINT CMS task switching by Console Interrupt at any time (+)
21 12 FIXZMAN CMS program to consolidate a SMAPI zManager NOTEBOOK configuration file (+)
22 12 HELPWIND Present help information in a 'window'. (+)
23 12 KM This package is a CSL interface to the KMx cipher instructions; with Rexx Pipes stages showing their use. (+)
25 12 PRFCOPY The most complete "cut&paste" for XEDIT V4.2.f (+)
26 12 REPLACE Replace files while preserving previous versions. (+)
27 12 SCIF Easier "talking" to SCIFfed users (avoid the CP SEND command) V1.4 (+)
28 12 TEXTFLOW Pipeline stage to flow or justify text into paragraphs (+)
29 12 TLD TCP/IP line driver for CMS distributed queues. (+)
30 12 VMLOGS Create an automatic managed repository for Consoles and data files. (+)
31 11 B2H B2H: Convert Bookmaster, GML, Script/VS and "flat" files to HTML (Internet)   Release 4.7 (+)
32 11 CPQUERY CMS GUI exec, issues CP Query commands and manages NSS V4.0.4 (+)
33 11 DIRENT Extracts entries from the object directory. (+)
34 11 DMT-XX Directory Migration Tools (+)
35 11 D26C C language access to diagnose x'26C' (Info on Guest LANs, VSwitches etc.) (+)
36 11 FILEMOVE Move files between VM minidisks. (+)
37 11 LXC Run CMS commands from a TCP connected system (V1.4.2) (+)
38 11 MAILDOCS Mass MAIL or DELETE of OV/VM documents. (+)
39 11 MAILIT MAILIT is a general purpose VM e-mail sender program. V3.4.c (+)
40 11 PICDIR The Picture Directory (+)