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CHUGDEMO collects a few files used in demonstrating some of the capabilities of the CHUG tool. CHUG users may find these files helpful as examples. Or you can look upon them as advertisements for CHUG.

CHUG uses input files, traditionally of filetype BUCKET or HATT, which direct it as it types commands on a screen and looks at the results. As it goes, CHUG constructs HTML-formatted output files that show the results. The HTML files are arranged in the same hierarchy as the BUCKET and HATT files. For this demonstration, there is just one BUCKET file and two HATT files within it, so the results are one HTML file (from the BUCKET) pointing to two other HTML files (one from each HATT).

Within the HATT files are some simple tests. Two of the tests have failures so that you can see how CHUG handles and displays errors. Various capabilities and techniques are demonstrated; comments within the HATT files will help explain what is going on, but you will also want to refer to the CHUG documentation (CHUG DOC, available with the CHUG tool). These HATT files certainly do not cover the complete set of CHUG's capabilities. The idea is to give you something easy to understand, showing some of the most common and useful tasks such as entering a command, verifying results, reading from the screen and saving the data in a variable, looping, and using "O:" to modify how CHUG behaves.

To run CHUG with these HATT and BUCKET files, thus producing the HTML files, from a class G user that had

  1. Access to CHUG (the files CHUGM EXEC, CHUGD EXEC, and AHDLDSF MODULE)
  2. Access to the three files CHUGDEMO BUCKET, CHUGDEM1 HATT, and CHUGDEM2 HATT
  3. Some space to write on its A disk
we issued the command
  CHUGD TCPIPU06 xxxxxxxx (CHUGDEMO.BUCKET                                      
(where "xxxxxxxx" is the password of user TCPIPU06)

The files included in this package are

  • CHUGDEMO BUCKET -- A file listing other files CHUG is to use
  • CHUGDEM1 HATT -- An input file for CHUG
  • CHUGDEM2 HATT -- Another input file for CHUG
  • CHUGDEMO HTML -- A results file CHUG produces from running CHUGDEMO BUCKET
  • CHUGDEM1 HTML -- Another results file CHUG produces from the same run
  • CHUGDEM2 HTML -- Another results file CHUG produces from the same run
  • CHUGDEMO DESCRIPT -- This file, a description and explanation
CHUG produces some other output besides the HTML files -- screen output as it goes through the HATT files line by line, and files known by their filetypes F1 and G1. While it is possible to glean some information from that other output, explaining it is beyond the scope of this demo.

Tim Greer created these HATT files specifically for demonstrating CHUG.