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From Steve Shultz, IBM:

LXCMS is a linux application that can run on any linux machine (not just z/Linux!) anywhere. It allows that machine to access zVM/CMS resources from a specific zVM/CMS virtual machine. The resources include (but are not limited to!) reader files, SFS space, minidisk space, zVM servers (such as RSCS), along with those resources manipulated by zVM/CMS and zVM/CP commands. The resources are accessed via the lxcms command and thus can be combined into scripts which allow their access to be integrated with access to linux resources.

Included with the LXCMS package is a user's guide. It should tell you everything you need to know to use LXCMS. The SHAREDQS, SCKXPIPE, and XPIPE packages are pre-reqs for using LXCMS.