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The FCXTREND package is intended to help users of the IBM Performance Toolkit for z/VM to control the size of their FCXTREND history data files by pruning them.

The actual pruning rules can be set up by the user. While it is possible to simply omit all data records older than a specified number of days, more complex rules can be set up and defined in control files. This allows specifying different retention periods for different data classes, e.g.

  • a long period for records containing overall performance information for the whole system
  • a much shorter period for detailed data related to specific users or I/O devices.

The package contains a sample control file, with comments that explain how to customize and use it. It also includes a description in PDF format and CMS help files with similar information.

Direct comments or questions to me: Eginhard Jaeger

Change history:

  • 2023/02/20 V1.0: Initial code (actually written in 2006)
  • 2023/05/22 V1.1: Support trend data for newer PTK levels
    - Allow selecting trend record types PRIVOPS, DIAGS, VNIC, PCIFUNC
    - CMS help files added
    - Fixed to prevent abend after FSWRITE errors