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VMSERVE is a general purpose Disconnected Virtual Machine (DVM) manager for VM which will handle incoming reader files, messages, and time-of-day events. With VMSERVE, you can readily build an application that runs disconnected to handle such events.

Some of the features of VMSERVE are:

  • A set of command options to:
    • Define the application name.
    • Initiate extended console spooling.
    • Turn internal tracing on.
    • Perform a check of the run-time definitions.
    • Override the internal interrupt priority scheme.
    • Override the internal Reader and Message security checking sequence.
  • A PROFILE file is used to specify the details of what to do when a reader file or message arrives, and who is allowed to send what.
  • A LOG file can be kept for auditability.
  • Common pieces of the PROFILE can be placed in seperate files and shared amongst many VMSERVE driven machines.
  • User exits are available to enhance the operation of VMSERVE.
  • A TIMES file may be used to trigger repeating tasks.
  • Uses the WAKEUP MODULE which is part of z/VM. (WAKEUP used to require the VM Utilities package, but no longer.)

Although VMSERVE provides the facilities to accomplish the above, it is up to the application developer to properly implement the facilities necessary to meet their business needs.

VMSERVE has been in wide use throughout IBM since 1981 and has been continuously enhanced to meet the growing needs of IBM developers.

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