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Description of SPOOLPIG

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Downloads for SPOOLPIG:
VMARC archive: v-5K


Display the largest spool files on the system and also show the user ids that are using the most spool space.  The number of the largest spool files displayed is variable, and defaults to 10.  The information can also be written to a file.

The exec requires the IBM class D query commands for query reader, punch, print, and allocation (alloc).  It also requires the IBM class E query img, nss, nls, and trfiles commands.  If the IBM class B query dump command is available, the amount of allocated spool space for a dump is also displayed.  The data is collected using only these CP commands - the exec does not examine real memory or read spool file blocks from disk.

The syntax of the command is:

SPOOLPIG lines (FILE fn ft fm


The number of spool files and users to output.  The default is 10 lines.
If this option is specified, write the output to a file.  Otherwise, the output is displayed on the screen.
fn ft fm
The name of the file to write to.  The default is nodeid SPOOLPIG A, where nodeid is the node id from the IDENTIFY command.

An example of SPOOLPIG output

The top 5:
AVSADMIN RDR 0454 T CON 43288714 001 NONE 2010-10-28 18:30:35
BRUCE    RDR 0201 A PUN 00687543 001 NONE 2011-06-08 15:26:38 RSU1003   SERVLINK
BRUCE    RDR 0192 A PUN 00664494 001 NONE 2011-06-07 12:12:56 RSU1101   SERVLINK
MAINT    RDR 0007 A PUN 00374394 001 NONE 2011-03-10 19:53:42 5684062   SERVLINK
BRUCE    RDR 0120 A PUN 00326115 001 NONE 2011-04-20 23:21:59 HW61REQG  SERVLINK
Block counts and percent of total spool per user:
AVSADMIN with  846468 blocks ( 48%),  153 files.
BRUCE    with   53165 blocks (3.0%),  163 files.
TMTMM    with   19637 blocks (1.1%),   30 files.
TMLM1    with   18163 blocks (1.0%),   57 files.
MAINT    with    9493 blocks (0.5%),    2 files.
Total spool: 8759 files, spool usage: 62%
Saved segments:    73347 blocks, 4.2% of total spool space.
Allocated DUMP:    42089 blocks, 2.8% of total spool space.
Other SDF Files:     642 blocks, 0.0% of total spool space.

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