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From Kris Buelens, IBM Belgium

This package includes enhancements to EXECUTE, FILELIST and RDRLIST (EXECUTE is the macro that processes the commands you enter in FILELIST, RDRLIST, DIRLIST, etc)

Corrections for 2.1
Corrections for 2.2
Corrections for 2.3
Corrections for 2.3.A
Modifications in 2.4 and 2.4.1(z/VM support)
>Hiper bug fix in 2.4.2: /S and /U in RDRLIST
Modifications in 2.4.3 (z/VM 4.4 support)
Modifications in 2.4.4 (z/VM 5.2 support)
Modifications in 2.4.5 (z/VM 5.3 support)
Modifications in 2.4.6 (RDRLIST Rename)
Modifications in 2.4.7 (z/VM 5.4 support)
Modifications in 2.4.8 (addition of X2N)
Modifications in 2.4.9 (Change Release check)

Enhancements to EXECUTE

Some CMS commands are intercepted and repeating commands is improved. Many of the enhancements are valid in more than just FILELIST or RDRLIST, but also in DIRLIST, CSLLIST, etc)

  1. The following commands are intercepted:
    RENAME and keep new name in FILELIST (avoid the message *** discarded or renamed ***).: We also allow you to use "RENAME" in RDRLIST (we xlate the command in a CP CHANGE RDR / NAME ..)
    Changes the FILENAME of the file
    Changes the FILETYPE of the file
    Changes the FILEMODE NUMBER of the file
    COPYFILE and place new file(s) in FILELIST
    becomes PEEK if called for RDR file
    becomes XEDIT if called for a CMS file
    XEDIT2 or X2
    add indicated file to XEDITs RING, allows to edit many files from FILELIST in one shot. Look also at the RING tool (RING is part of the LISTSG package).
    X2N or X2
    add indicated filez to a new XEDIT RING, allows to edit many files from FILELIST in one shot. Look also at the RING tool (RING is part of the LISTSG package).
    ERASE with message in FILELIST. : DISCARD with message in RDRLIST
    same as ERASE (see above)
    in RDRLIST executes CP PURGE command
    execute CP command and return answer in the RDRLIST or FILELIST area
    the command you enter will be 'INTERPRETED" by REXX.

  2. Partial support for MIXED case fileid's: We also added an option to the RENAME command to rename an uppercse fileid to mixed case.

  3. Additional or modified special commands:

    • Added ??, ???, == and === commands : The FILELIST Retrieve function (the ? special command) is extended to remember up to 3 commands.

    • No need to overtype returncodes for ? and other special commands : i.e. ?28 is understood as ?
      This problem has been solved in the official z/VM version of EXECUTE

    • You can now enter / symbols in CMS commands by typing // Example: : FIXDATE / 92//04//22 will become FIXDATE fn ft fm 92/04/22

    • Additional / symbols for RDRLIST: /S for SYSTEM and /U for USERID

Enhancements to PROFFLST

The major enhancements are

  1. Inclusion of Q DISK or Q LIMITS information; refreshed each time one presses ENTER.
  2. PF-key 14 refreshes one file (or more files if the fileid contains wildcards).

Enhancements to PROFRLST

The major enhancement is PF-key 14 that allows to refresh one file. It allows for example to:

  1. press PF9 to receive a file on your A-disk
  2. press PF14 to find the file (looks in your RDR and on disk)
  3. press PF11 to XEDIT the file just received

Corrections for version 2.1

The corrections in the 2.1 level are the following:
  • When you issued RENAME /ntd ..., the enhanced version of EXECUTE did not recognized this as a RENAME of the given file, so you got EXECUTE's standard behaviour and a '** Discarded, Renamed...' message. This is now corrected.
  • When running with ISODATE or FULLDATE, the messages generated by ERASE, PURGE, ... where not aligned nicely.
  • When you where FILELISTing an SFS directory and pressed PF11 on a subdirectory, XEDIT was called instead of FILELIST of the subdir.
The corrections in the 2.1.b level: avoid a loop when PROFFL+n XEDIT not found.

Corrections for version 2.2

The corrections in the 2.2 level are the following:
  • Avoid problems with the ERASE / (FILES command.
  • Avoid a "Synonym definition incomplete" error message.
  • Rework previous updates (2.1 and 2.1.b) as separate source update files (so that EXECUPDT can handle those)
  • We have seen that our version of FILELIST and EXECUTE works in CMS 14 (VM/ESA 2.3.0) too. So the tests in EXECUTE XEDIT, PROFFLST XEDIT and PROFRLST XEDIT are updated accordingly.

Corrections for version 2.3

We finally installed VM/ESA 2.4.0 and adapted the improved FILELIST
  • Use the EXECUTE and PROFFLST of VM/ESA 2.4.0 as a base for our modifs. The version is used in CMS14 and CMS15.
  • Make FILELIST lines imbedded in RDRLIST work better (the fn/ft remains aligned and there's no need anymore to ERASE-End-Of-Field for commands entered on FILELIST lines in RDRLIST). (you get FILELIST lines in a RDRLIST by using PF14 in RDRLIST)
  • In FILELIST, PF2 "Refresh" performs a re-ACCESS if the cursor is placed on line 2 (the one with the Q DISK info).

Corrections for version 2.3.A

  • Avoid truncation of the command behind PF2 when the FILELIST is refreshed more than 40 times
  • The EXECLD exec now loads a "good" HELPXED file, corresponding to your CMS level.

Modifications in version 2.4 and 2.4.1

The modifications are now based on the level of z/VM V3R1. The result of this new level is that you also get the small improvmenets for FILELIST and RDRLIST incorporated in z/VM.

When running on CMS Level 16 or higher:
  • No more problems when using my improved EXECUTE with RDRLIST (SHORTDATE
  • In RDRLIST (SHORTDATE, leading zeros are suppressed in the date field.
  • In FILELIST and RDRLIST, leading zeros are suppressed in the time field.
For all users of CMS Level 14 and higher:
Improved handling of the ? and = commands.
  • Slash symbol substutition is not attempted for ? and = commands.
  • Command input like ? xxxx is now recognized as ?.

Correction for 2.4.1

When using the PURge command in RDRLIST, the fname and ftype of the purged file was sometimes written as FN FT or even blanked out.

Hiper bug fix in 2.4.2: /S and /U in RDRLIST

Our EXECUTE version enhances RDRLIST in that you can use extra symbols /U and /S to denote the sender's userid and nodeid. For example: if your reader contains a PROFILE EXEC of many service machines, you can easily receive them by entering:
RECEIVE / /u PROFILE on the first file
= on all other files

Since we started using the z/VM version of EXECUTE for our modifications, the /U and /S symbols were not correctly handled when they were used inside commands re-executed by the "=" command.

Modifications in 2.4.3 (z/VM 4.4 support)

Now that I've got a z/VM 4.4, I was able to compare my version the new standard version.  My version is now again a superset of z/VM 4.4, and the only change is that commands started by typing EXECUTE x xxxx in the command line are no longer uppercased by the EXECUTE macro.

Modifications in 2.4.4 (z/VM 5.2 support)

The only visible difference are the leading 0 that gets displayed in RDRLIST since z/VM 5.1 when using ISODATE.

Modifications in 2.4.5 (z/VM 5.3 support)

No real changes were required, we had to adapt our CMS level check and accept CMS 23 as OK.

Modifications in 2.4.6

When sending files from MVS to VM, RDRLIST displays them as "sender OUTPUT". In the past the improved FILELIST provided a RENAME (without operands) to change the spool fname and ftype to the first two qualifiers of the MVS datasetname.

The new RENAME command in RDRLIST provides two new features
Rename ? will display the full MVS datasetname
Rename / &n &m changes the spoolfname and ftype to the 'n'th and m'th qualifier.

More information in EXECUTE HELPXEDI

Modifications in 2.4.7 (z/VM 5.4 support)

No real changes were required, we had to adapt our CMS level check and accept CMS 24 as OK.

SETSYN was not explicitely included in this package but called.

Modifications in 2.4.8

Additon of an X2N EXEC. With X2N all selected files are placed in a new XEDIT ring. That is, FILELIST itself is not in that XEDIT ring, only the selected files are.
If you want to test it: be sure the enter X2N on more than a single file (else "X2N" behaves just like an "XEDIT" command). Then issue Q RING, or better, get the RING tool from LISTSG and enter RING.

Modifications in 2.4.9

With each new z/VM release, these FILELIST modifs gave you a warning that these changes were not tested on the new z/VM level.

Given that FILELIST and co do not frequently change anymore, the level check has been changed. On z/VM levels for which I didn't check the compatibility of my changes, I compare the copyright comments inside the SXEDIT versions on the S-disk. As long as they don't change, I will not send out compatiblity warnings anymore.

Modifications in 2.4.9a

Define z/VM 6.2 as "ok", and PROFRLST checks as PROFFLST explained above.