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From Brian Wade, IBM:

In managing EDEVs, their FCP chpids, and the SAN controllers hosting the LUNs, it is sometimes desirable to take a component out of service. For example, to apply service to a node of a V7000 SAN storage controller, it is first necessary to take the node out of the configuration. This amounts to removing all EDEV paths that lead to any of the WWPNs of the node. Once the paths are removed from the EDEVs, the V7000 node can be serviced. After the service is complete, it is desirable to put back the removed paths.

The EDEVPATH tool lets a class B user control the paths of the system's EDEVs en masse. The following functions are provided:

  • All of the paths that share a trait, such as a given FCP chpid, can be removed from the EDEVs' path configurations. The paths removed are recorded in a log file.

  • All of the paths removed by an invocation of the "remove" function can be put back. This is done by reading the log file and undoing the logged removals.

  • A snapshot of the system's EDEVs' path configurations can be collected.

The package consists of an exec and a NAMES file. The exec's command line implements the remove, restore, and snapshot functions. The NAMES file holds lists of WWPNs, each list representing a SAN storage controller node. To remove all paths leading to a given node, define the node's WWPN list in the NAMES file and then use the "remove" function, targeting the nicknamed list of WWPNs.

The rest of the documentation can be found in the prologue of the exec.