Description of REXXIUCV

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From Jim Elliott, IBM:

REXXIUCV allows the REXX programmer access to IUCV services from a REXX program. Supported are either native IUCV or the CMS IUCV interface.

The REXXIUCV application files are located in the REXXIUCV.VMARC file. This file must be download in binary format to CMS and then expanded using VMARC.

Documentation for REXXIUCV is included in the REXXIUCV.ZIP file. The REXXIUCV.ZIP must be downloaded in binary format to a workstation and expanded using PKZIP or INFOZIP. The RXIUCVFN.PDF file can then be viewed and/or printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Visit the Adobe Acrobat Web site for information about downloading the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print PDF files.

This package was written by Rainer Hauser of the IBM Zurich Lab and was formerly available in E/ME/A as 5785-LAT.