Description of LXC

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Changes since version 1.4.1

  1. Expanded NODE command
  2. Support for mixed case passwords
  3. New PORTCHK command

LXC is a TCP/IP based client/server framework for z/VM with clients available for CMS, Linux and Windows. The LXC server runs as a Disconnected Service Machine (DSM) which waits for connections from clients as well as other LXC enabled systems.

The LXC DSM enables clients to run CP or CMS based (i.e. could be REXX) commands and EXECs as permitted by the specific LXC configuration. LXC allows a user to specify configurations about permitted users, groups and permitted commands.

The following items are included in the VMARC package:

  • Base LXC server
  • CMS HELP files for LXC
  • A REXX LXC client for CMS
  • TCL and perl clients for Linux / Windows

Some of the unique features of LXC include:

  • A TCP/IP based connectivity framework for z/VM
  • Ability to issue CP/CMS commands simultaneously on multiple z/VM nodes
  • Ability to send and receive both text and binary files
  • Ability to control who has access to what commands and what authentication manager to use