Description of YR2000VM

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YR2000VM contains a technical description of VM/ESA's support for 4-digit years and dates in Year 2000 and later. This document is available in several formats (PostScript, LIST3820, and PDF), and includes the following information:

  • Year 2000 Ready Releases of VM/ESA
  • Why do I need VM/ESA's Year 2000 release?
  • Changing the Date/Time of your VM/ESA System
  • Year 2000 Testing with VM/ESA Guest Systems
  • Do I have a Year 2000 Ready Level of VM/ESA?
  • Date formats for CP and CMS Commands
  • API's (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • CP, CMS, and GCS commands
  • Miscellaneous changes
  • CP and CMS functions which are not being changed to provide 4-digit year output

There are two files available for downloading:

  • YR2000VM VMARCcontains the LIST3820 and Postscript versions of the document
  • YR2000VM ZIP is a ZIP file containing the PDF version of the document
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