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TOOLSRUN package

The TOOLSRUN and TOOLS packages are a set of programs that use a main REXX Exec, called TOOLSRUN, running in a service virtual machine to allow the sharing of one or more CMS disks between many or a few users.  TOOLSRUN runs in a separate service virtual machine, and authorized users may use the TOOLS EXEC to send requests to the virtual reader of that machine.  The requests may create, replace, hide, own, or append to files on a tools or conference disk.  Identical requests are used for managing files used for conferencing or for general use: indeed, the same disk may hold conference files as well as other data and programs.

The disks just described may also be shared between a number of VM systems or even open to an entire network using VM's RSCS feature.  Tools, data, and conferences may be shared on a network basis.  In this case, the disks at a particular location can be just passive shadows of another disk, the master copy of such a disk, or part of a peer network of a number of service machines.

This package just contains the service machine code and all the documentation.  Also download the TOOLS Package for the client interface exec.  There is also a TRSOURCE Package that you can optionally download to obtain the source code for the compiled parts of TOOLS and TOOLSRUN.

The formal documentation included in this package is formatted as PDF files.  These files are packaged in both a zip file to use on a workstation and in a VMARC archive.  An older package named TOOLSDOC Package can be downloaded to obtain the documentation in BOOK, LIST3820, and LIST3270 (plain text) formats.

Note:  You can directly view the PDF files stored on z/VM using the SERVEPDF Package from the VM Downloads page.

Other documentation that is provided includes a quick start guide, sample control file and profile, and text files that describe features that are not documented in the formal documentation.

The TOOLS and TOOLSRUN system was THE internal IBM conferencing (like news groups) system throughout the 1980s and 1990s.  It also hosted tools disks for VM, the IBM PC, MVS, and a bunch of other platforms.  Much of the network traffic between VM systems in those days was to and from TOOLSRUN servers.  The conferencing function is still used within IBM for some VM specific uses, but the tools disk (master/shadow) function are still used on virtually all internal IBM systems to make common and system tools available on all systems and make it easy to update these tools everywhere.

Feedback: Bruce Hayden IBM Washington Systems Center


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V7.6.6  2017-08-21  Check that node name and RSCS ids are not "*".
                    Show CP level string as received from CP.
                    Remove meaningless version code shown as cpu model.
                    Add more samples and quick start to the package.
V7.6.5  2017-01-30  Current internal version made available
V6.8.6  1996-08-26  First external distribution