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This package has been available on the Pipelines downloads page for several years. Recently, I started using it and I wanted to fix a few things. So, with Steve Hayes' permission (the original author) this package is available on the VM downloads page. Updates are listed below.

A PDF formatted file of usage documentation is included in this package. A HELP file, named FTPREXX HELPCMS, is also included. Enter HELP FTPREXX to read this file.

This package remains as beta code. There are no guarantees that it works with all FTP servers or that it properly follows all of the RFCs. It does not support secure connections. Not all options have been tested and it is likely that some parts may not work with modern networks and ftp servers.

Note: CMS Pipelines in z/VM 7.1 with APAR VM66365 and 7.2 or later includes a built in ftp stage, which is supported and includes secure ftp support. You must specify "rexx ftp" explicitly to bypass the built-in program to use FTP REXX. Enter HELP PIPE FTP or see the CMS Pipelines User's Guide and Reference to learn about the built in ftp stage.

Incompatible changes from the original version:

  • A url specification accepted ";TYPE=B" to indicate that the data should not be translated (binary mode.) However, RFC 1738 does not list "B" as a valid code for the TYPE; the correct code is "I". FTP REXX now only accepts the correct specification of ";TYPE=I" to indicate an image mode transfer with no translation.

  • When PASSIVE option was specified, FTP REXX would always send a PORT command to the remote server before sending the PASV (passive mode) command. At least one tested FTP server would not accept the PORT command and would immediately close the connection. Now, if an FTP proxy is not being used, only the PASV command is sent. Comments in the code indicated that the PORT command was sent first to support proxy connections, so without a proxy, no PORT command is sent.

The contents of this package:

  • ftprexx.pdf
    The documentation, in PDF format. This file is contained in the file.

    This description file.

    Documentation in help format.

    The Pipelines FTP client stage. This is the only file needed to interface an FTP server to a pipeline.

    The original announcement of the ftp and sockisfied tcpclient stages.

    The package file of the original code.

    Converts a hostname or IP address to the name or address of a socks server.

    This is TCPCLIENT with versatile Socks v4 support.

Feedback: Bruce Hayden IBM Z Washington Systems Center


  • 0.99.1 - Fix parsing bugs and typos. Change ";TYPE=B" to ";TYPE=I".
  • 0.99.2 - With PASSIVE option, don't send PORT command unless using proxy.
  • 0.99.3 - Fix deblocking of record structure (from mailing list.)
  • 0.99.4 - Implement extended passive (EPSV).
  • 0.99.5 - Avoid message when TCPIP DATA not available.
  • 0.99.6 - Option to supply password via variable.
  • 0.99.7 - Allow 14 digit byte counts (about 90 TB) in messages.
  • 0.99.8 - Remove the documentation comments that duplicated the help file and the document.
  • 0.99.9 - Encoded ASCII characters in the url did not work.