z/VM V5.4 resources

Updated: August 28, 2012

This page includes reference information specific to z/VM V5.4 and made available in the time period following its announcement. For daily to weekly VM site updates, also visit VM News/Site Changes to keep apprised of z/VM-related news as it happens.

Announcements and News
World Wide announcement letters
December 6, 2011
IBM announcement for z/VM 5.4.0 withdrawal from marketing
July 22, 2010
Enhancements for IBM zEnterprise System Virtualization
Oct. 23, 2009
IBM z/VM V6.1 Generally Available
Oct. 20, 2009 - Announcement:
IBM z/VM V6.1 - Foundation for future virtualization growth
July 21, 2009:
Faster data access with FICON Express8 for System z10
US - 109-417
July 7, 2009 - Preview
IBM z/VM V6.1 - Foundation for future virtualization growth
Oct. 21, 2008:
IBM System z announcements for Oct. 21, 2008
- IBM z10 BC - The Smart Choice for Your Business. z can do IT better.
- IBM z10 EC - The Future Runs on System z. The future begins today.
- IBM z/VSE V4.2 now exploits IBM System z 10 Business Class.
Aug. 05, 2008:
IBM z/VM V5.4 - Extending virtualization technology for System z
US - 208-249       --   Europe/LA: ZP08-0349
AP - AP08-0242    --    Canada: A08-1178

Ordering and Availablility
z/VM V5.4 availability: September 12, 2008
z/VM V5.4 ordering begins: September 9, 2008
SDO (System Delivery Offering) - The z/VM SDO is the only method that
     can be used to order z/VM V5.4.
Internet delivery for z/VM Orders via ShopzSeries
Tips for ordering z/VM on DVD via ShopzSeries
Upgrade to z/VM 5.4
z/VM Performance Report
Licensed Products Migration Matrix for z/VM V5.4 12-2009
Vendor (ISV) Product matrix for z/VM V5.4  09-2008

Service and Support
How changes to U.S. daylight savings time affect z/VM
z/VM V5.4 planned End of Service
RSU (Recommended Service Upgrade) content 04-2011
Red Alerts

  • Red Alert pertaining to customers who run Linux on z/VM V6.1 and/or z/VM V5.4.: APAR VM64862 is in error. View details at z/VM Red Alert.
    (April 18, 2011)
  • Red Alert pertaining to z/VM V6.1 and z/VM V5.4 customers: SSL Server Performance and Scalability Enhancements - Packaging Updates (August 4, 2010)
  • Red Alert pertaining to all z/VM customers running guest coupling support when they have both an IBM System z10 and the PTF for APAR VM64793 (June 2010)
  • For any VM user with a CPOWNED pack in TPF mode (April 2009)
  • For users of OSA-Express3 devices with microcode level 7.31.0 and beyond who have a z/VM TCP/IP stack configuration that includes a VIPA interface. (Oct. 2009)

Required Service
  • Required service for z/VM to run on IBM zEnterprise EC12 System. (08-2012)
  • Required service for z/VM to run on IBM zEnterprise 196 and 114 Systems. (07-2011)
  • Required service for support of Crypto Express 3 and for using 3590 and 3592 tapes for Ficon Express8, Express4, and Express2. (11-2009)

Reference information
z/VM V5.4 Architecture Level Set Updated 07-2011
z/VM V5.4 Reference Guide Updated 10-2009
z/VM V5.4 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Updated 10-2009
Customer references and stories

Data Sheets
z/VM V5.4 Data Sheet PDF Updated 10-2009
Linux on IBM System z with z/VM V5 PDF Updated 10-2009

Online product documentation and publications
z/VM V5.4 General Information (GC24-6095-08) PDF
z/VM V5.4 Information Center
z/VM V5.4 Product library
z/VM V5.4 Program Directories
z/VM V5.4 CP and CMS Data Areas and Control Blocks
z/Architecture CMS documentation
z/VM V5.4 Monitor Records
IBM Redbooks for z/VM and Linux on System z


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