IBM Redbooks for the z/VM audience

Good reading about z/VM and Linux on System z

Additional Redbook VM-related subjects

What are ITSO Redbooks?

Those who have read ITSO Redbooks can tell you the books are concise, tell-it-like-it-is documents published by an organization called the ITSO, or International Technical Support Organization. You may also know that for each VM Redbook the most internationally skilled IBM experts available are flown to our strategic centers to collaborate, work with development, and experience the latest hardware and software. Then, while documenting their findings, they meld the insight only field experience can provide into each easy to understand page. No other IBM publication is created this way.

The ITSO has several Redbooks covering the VM software platform. They contain information useful for the system programmer, technical expert, or end-user on a variety of topics. You'll find they complement traditional IBM publications, and often provide a solution oriented single-source reference.

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