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Customers with current Subscription & Support (S&S) for z/VM are entitled to receive version/release updates at no charge. Customers without z/VM V7 or without the S&S license, or a new VM customer must order z/VM V7.3 or z/VM V7.2 and obtain a license upon payment. This can be done using the same ordering as below but will be delayed until the purchase goes through. Additional information for new licenses can be found in the IBM Announcement Letter found in the Resources section below for the release being purchased.

What to buy

How to buy z/VM and related licensed products

Installing z/VM and related licensed products

Resources for ordering and tracking z/VM product orders

Products and offerings available:

The System Delivery Offering (SDO) is a single deliverable of the z/VM hypervisor and all z/VM licensed products. Read the SDO description, benefits and offerings. The z/VM SDO is the only method that can be used to order z/VM.

Continuous delivery is new with z/VM Version 7. To see if it is right for you please visit: z/VM Continuous Delivery News

z/VM V7.3 General Availability: September 16, 2022

See z/VM V7.3 Resources for more information.

How to buy

The z/VM product, priced features and licensed products can be ordered in one of two ways:

  1. IBM Shopz (Registration required)
    Shopz capabilities for z/VM include:
    • Access to reports for planning IBM Z upgrades
    • Request release-to-release upgrades of z/VM
    • Place new orders for z/VM
    • Order z/VM Base Operating System and Base options for delivery via DVD, and electronic delivery
    • Order z/VM SDO licensed products for delivery via Internet
    • Track order status
    With Shopz the following products can be ordered:
    • z/VM base Operating System
    • z/VM priced features
    • z/VM SDO products
    How to use Shopz (registration required)
    1. Sign in

             Provide your IBM ID and password
             Select "create new software orders"
             follow the screens to select/fill in information

    2. A verification email will be sent when the order is ready for download
      • Ordering Tips:
      • Read tips on selecting electronic delivery for z/VM.
      • Read tips on ordering z/VM on DVD.
      • When ordering the z/VM base or optional products, you get a DVD or downloadable file in SERVLINK format. Please follow the instructions provided with your order.
  2. IBM Support Center
    • In the United States contact the Americas Call Centers, or an IBM Buisness Partner. To identify your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner call 1-800-IBM-4YOU (426-4968).
    • Outside the United States and Puerto Rico, contact your local IBM representative or authorized supplier.

Resources for z/VM orders and licenses