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z/VM Technical Resources

Updated: August 15, 2014

By release
z/VM V6.3 (ends service April 30, 2017)
z/VM V6.2 (ends service December 31, 2016)
z/VM V6.1 (ended service April 30, 2013)
z/VM V5.4 (ends service December 31, 2016, or until the z9 EC and z9 BC are withdrawn from support, whichever is later)
Upgrading and Migrating to z/VM
z/VM V5.3 (ended service September 30, 2010)
z/VM V5.2 (ended service April 30, 2009)
z/VM V5.1 (ended service September 30, 2007)
z/VM V4.4 (ended service Sept. 30, 2006)
z/VM V3.1 (ended service Dec. 31, 2005)

Data Areas, Control Blocks, and Monitor Records
See the data areas page.

VM Community
Fora and Listserv discussions with the VM and Linux community
IBM z/VM Developer Pages
VM Downloads
Sources for VM, Linux, and Mainframe job seekers and employers

Order and upgrade
How to buy
Upgrade to a supported release
FAQ - Frequently asked questions
Withdrawal from Marketing (WFM) announced dates
VM Licensed Programs (LP) Migration Matrix

Networking, Security, Performance, System Management
z/VM virtual networking
z/VM security and integrity
VM performance resources (z/VM report, tips, FAQ, etc.)
z/VM storage management
z/VM system management
VM printing resources (tips, links, etc)

Install, Service and Support
Product documentation and literature
VM installation resources
VM service page for RSU, program directories, and more
Quick access to IBM Systems support
Technical Support FLASH
VM Support for Parallel Access Volumes (PAVs)
z/VM V6 Reference Guide PDF 07-2010
z/VM V5.4 Reference Guide PDF 10-2009
IBM Global Technology Services - VM and VSE Specialists
End of Service (EOS) announced dates
New z/VM V6.3 CP Planning and Administration Guide - Updated section, "Allocating Space for CP Hard Abend Dumps" PDF 07-2013

Guest Operating Systems

Server, Device, and Guest Support Tables (see GI Appendix)
   z/VM V6.3 General Information (GC24-6193-05) PDF
   z/VM V6.2 General Information (GC24-6193-02) PDF 10-2011
   z/VM V6.1 General Information (GC24-6193-01) PDF 07-2010
   z/VM V5.4 General Information (GC24-6095-08) PDF 08-2008
   z/VM V5.3 General Information (GC24-6095-07) PDF 02-2008
   z/VM V5.2 General Information (GC24-6095-04) PDF
   z/VM V5.1 General Information (GC24-6095-02) PDF
   z/VM V4.4 General Information (GC24-5991-05) PDF
   z/VM V3.1 General Information (GC24-5944-01) PDF

VM and Linux
VM and z/OS - including Parallel Sysplex
VM and VSE

Application development
CMS Pipelines
z/Architecture CMS sample program (with z/VM V5.4)

IBM Mainframes
More about System z
Optimized to help meet the requirements of today's on-demand solutions.
Linux on System z
Who is using Linux on System z? What applications are there? Have you heard about the Community Development System for Linux (CDSL)?
Attend events to learn about z/VM, Linux on System z, and more