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New Interested in what new function is being delivered
z/VM puts out new function on a continuous basis. To learn about new enhancements going out through continuous delivery and the proposed schedules see the Continuous Delivery page. To be notified when this function becomes available see the New Function APARs page.

Important VM Service News
z/VM Red Alert - Critical Issues
Service Tips
Using VMSES/E to find RSU Level or PTF/APAR Status
Ordering and Installing Service for z/VM and related products
RSU, Recommended Service Upgrade
ESO: Products serviced by VM ESO with associated current levels
z/VM SDO: (System Delivery Offering)

Additional Resources

Program Directories
Preventive Service Planning (PSP) Buckets search
Announced End-of-Service Dates
Technical Support: Technical Information Database (e.g FLASH )

IBM Support Portals

IBM Shopz is an IBM productivity tool for planning and ordering zSeries software products and service.
  • You can order CORrective (APAR/PTF) and preventive (RSU or ESO) service for VM licensed products.
  • You can order a variety of tailored software packages for the z/OS, z/VM, and VSE/ESA environments.
  • Shopz also lets you review your software licenses in these environments.

    Note: Not all Shopz features are supported in all countries.

IBM Systems Support Portal
S/390 Service Update Facility - discontinued as of Jan. 16, 2006
IBM Resource Link
IBM System z Security Portal where you can find IBM System z Security / Integrity APAR Notification for System z Customers who demonstrate a need to know

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