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z/VM Service Resources
This page provides you with a list of VM-related service information and other online services resources.

Important VM Service News
z/VM Red Alert - Critical Issues
Service Tips
Using VMSES/E to find RSU Level or PTF/APAR Status
Ordering and Installing Service for z/VM and related products
RSU, Recommended Service Upgrade
ESO: Products serviced by VM ESO with associated current levels
z/VM SDO: (System Delivery Offering)
Daylight Saving Time 2007 Changes (DST2007)

Additional Resources
Program Directories
Preventive Service Planning (PSP) Buckets search
Announced End-of-Service Dates
Technical Support: Technical Information Database (e.g FLASH )

IBM Support Portals
IBM Shopz

    Shopz is an IBM productivity tool for planning and ordering zSeries software products and service.
  • You can order CORrective (APAR/PTF) and preventive (RSU or ESO) service for VM licensed products.
  • You can order a variety of tailored software packages for the z/OS, z/OS.e, OS/390, z/VM, VM/ESA and VSE/ESA environments.
  • Shopz also lets you review your software licenses in these environments.
Note: Not all Shopz features are supported in all countries.

IBM Systems Support Portal
S/390 Service Update Facility - discontinued as of Jan. 16, 2006
IBM Resource Link
IBM System z Security Portal where you can find IBM System z Security / Integrity APAR Notification for System z Customers who demonstrate a need to know

User group presentation by Mark Fyffe about

Service Links
IBM z Systems Resource Library
IBM Publications Center
View, download, or order IBM publications.
Looking for hardware pubs? Try Resource Link
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Glossaries of IBM Terminology