VM Licensed Products Migration Matrix

The "LP Matrix" was a point-in-time migration planning aid showing the level(s) of IBM licensed products supported on z/VM. This document is no longer maintained but is still available below for historical information.

VersionDatePDF What's new
Version 6 (for z/VM 6.2, z/VM 6.1 and z/VM V5.4) Dec. 08, 2011 PDF Dec. 08, 2011 Edition
Version 6 (for z/VM 6.1 and z/VM V5.4) Dec. 02, 2009 PDF Dec. 02, 2009 Edition
Version 5 (for z/VM 5.3 and z/VM V5.4) Feb. 10, 2009 PDF Feb. 10, 2009 Edition
Version 5 (for z/VM 5.2) Aug. 29, 2006 PDF Aug. 29, 2006 Edition
Version 5 (for z/VM 5.1) April 25, 2005 PDF April 25, 2005 Edition

VM Withdrawal from Marketing announced dates

VM End of Service announced dates

To use the matrix find your product (by name or number).
      The table notes should be read to help you understand how to read the matrix.

Symbols and acronyms used in the tables are explained separately.