Last Updated: 11 September 2023

Welcome to the overview page for z/VM Education. The education content has been developed directly by the IBM z/VM Development organization, and is intended to be used by anyone that is interested in learning more about z/VM. Find a z/VM video education roadmap that delivers a custom level of instruction for your current role.

z/VM education roadmaps

New z/VM education videos are now available. These videos have been created by the IBM z/VM Development team along with others within the IBM zSystems organization. Videos range from basic introductory courses to more advanced z/VM topics. Several roadmaps have been created for you to find the appropriate level of z/VM education for your role. More videos are being added to the roadmaps on a continuous basis.



Featured z/VM education video

z/VM Virtualization Basics is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in learning about the basics of IBM z/VM. The presentation delves into the history of z/VM that first began more than 50 years ago. The presentation explains the reasons for virtualizing, and goes over the concepts of IBM Z hardware and the z/VM Hypervisor.



z/VM SSI video education series

z/VM Single System Image (SSI) is the technology used to cluster up to eight z/VM systems. Member systems can be managed, serviced, and administered as one system. An SSI cluster includes capabilities such as multi-system installation, single point of maintenance, autonomic minidisk cache management, and Live Guest Relocation (LGR). This video discusses the basics of setting up and managing a z/VM SSI cluster.

View Part 1: Introduction to Single System Image
View Part 2: Live Guest Relocation & Relocation Domains
View Part 3: SSI & LGR Performance Explained
View Part 4: SSI Usage Scenarios

New z/VM education video

z/VM Performance Data Pump is a new way to monitor performance on your z/VM systems. Part of the z/VM Performance Toolkit product, the Data Pump allows you to get real-time visualizations of your z/VM system using interfaces like Grafana and Splunk.



Featured z/VM how to video

How to Use GETSHOPZ - Transfer files to your z/VM system using a secure web-based GUI




More z/VM education resources

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z/VM How to videos

z/VM How to Videos
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z/VM related Live Virtual Classes from IBM

z/VM Related Live Virtual Classes
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