VM and Related Product Education

Assembled here is a collection of educational resources to assist you with your quest for knowledge about VM and related products. Whether you choose to attend traditional courses, technical universities (conferences), user groups, or to converse with others via online forums, you can benefit from the wealth of experience in the worldwide VM and Linux communities.

Formal VM-related classes and training from IBM

Private offerings of classes may also be requested from IBM. You may also - Search IBM Training for Education in your Geography
Live Virtual Classes new
Have an hour? Listen to a Live Virtual Classes (LVC) (like webcasts) for z/VM, z/VSE, and Linux on System z throughout the year.

Upcoming LVC and Playbacks

Blooming Basics of z/VM and Linux

Are you getting started with Linux on z/VM or need a refresher? Try these hour-long MP3 replays of a series of basics education on z/VM and Linux on System z.

IBM Technical Conferences new
Online Tutorials from IBM
Formal VM-related classes and training from non-IBM sources
Teleconference calls/replays
Communicating with others in the VM community
University Programs
Seeking employment? Have a job opening?
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