VM System Delivery Offering (SDO)

The VM System Delivery Offering (SDO) is the IBM program offering for VM which includes a single deliverable containing the VM operating system and a group of fully serviced IBM Licensed Program Products.

The VM SDO Licensed Product package contains:

  • The z/VM Product deliverable (electronic or DVD) and RSU (recommended service upgrade)
  • VM SDO Optional Products Enabling Aid
  • VM SDO Licensed Products

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  • Shopz provides an easy way to plan and order zSeries software upgrades. Using Shopz, customers can quickly generate orders for VM SDOs.
  • Shopz will ensure your order is technically correct (i.e. ensures any co-req or pre-req or incompatibility conditions are resolved to ensure timely order placement and processing).
  • Order z/VM Base Operating System and Base options for delivery via DVD, and electronic delivery.
  • Order z/VM SDO licensed products for delivery via DVD, and electronic delivery.
  • For more details, please visit IBM Shopz at "How to buy"