Sources of z/VM-related news and information

Do you need information about z/VM, virtualization, and Linux on System z but don't know where to look? Here are a few suggestions for sources and items with subscriptions to ensure the latest news is delivered directly to you.

Always read VM Site News and Updates
VM Site News and Changes is organized by month so that you can keep apprised of the latest information and events.
Release-specific VM resources
- z/VM V7.1 resources
- z/VM V6.4 resources
Guest system VM resources
- VM and Linux resources
- VM and VSE resources
- VM and z/OS resources
- See also Technical resources
Not sure if you're on a supported release?
Are you thinking about migrating or upgrading to a supported release?
- Visit the Upgrade and Migration
- Announced End of Service Dates
- Announced Withdrawal from Marketing Dates
Listen and Learn about z/VM
- VM Events - conferences, user groups and meetings
- Customer references and stories
- VM and Linux training from IBM Training
Subscribe to IBM and zSeries newsletters and magazines
- IBM Systems Magazine - Mainframe Edition
- z/Journal Magazine, for mainframe enthusiasts
- The Linux Line, a newsletter about Linux on all platforms
- IBM Subscriptions, customizes news and announcement e-mail
- The Mainstream . Business journal for the System z community
- IBM Software Newsletter, - Get software news every month
- IBM Redbooks, - weekly e-mail about Books, Papers, Residencies, etc.