How to specify DVD Delivery for your z/VM order on Shopz

Since z/VM system orders became available on DVD, we've received comments and questions about how to request DVD. We are providing these tips in hopes it will help you when ordering your z/VM system on DVD.

In addition to shipment on tape cartridges and electronic download from the Internet through Shopz, z/VM is available is available on DVD.

Tips for ordering DVD delivery of z/VM via Shopz

Use the tips below to help you know which pulldown selections you need, and which buttons to click on various screens.

Once you are signed into Shopz to create a new order:

  1. Select z/VM for the Operating Environment and select Products for Package Category
  2. Select the Hardware System where you plan to use this order
  3. On the Shop for Products screen, select Base Product Options for Group and also choose your language and filter. If you want to order any optional features and/or Licensed Products, instead select VM-All (46 Products) Do NOT click on Continue, instead click SHOW CATALOG !
  4. When you see the catalog list, select DVD.
  5. Continue if you need to select new licenses, do so.
  6. Select DVD as the preferred media
  7. On the Review and Submit page, you have an opportunity to review and change your order before submitting it. Once you have submitted and confirmed your order, the next screen shows you a list of your orders and their status.


  • The DVD is available only for physical delivery (not as a download).
  • Only the z/VM base operating system is available on DVD.
  • The Licensed Products in the SDO are available for delivery only on tape or electronic download.

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