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Install techniques for z/VM

  • Traditional installation installs a new z/VM system or SSI cluster on a set of DASDs, which can be customized.
  • Upgrade installation uses a temporary work system installed as a second level guest of the current release to be upgraded. The new level of code from the work system is then moved to the current system with minimal impact to the current running system.

Which technique to use?

  • New to the IBM z/VM operating system or installing a new system, use the traditional installation method. The z/VM Installation Guide for the release being installed will provide all the required information. A copy of the z/VM Installation Guide is included with the product order. It can also be referenced based on the release to be installed using the 'Change version or product' drop down from the IBM Documentation Center.

  • Looking to upgrade to the next available z/VM release? Find out if upgrade is right for your installation and understand the requirements for Upgrade In Place.

z/VM V7 Installation Media

Once you have placed a z/VM product order, it will arrive as a physical DVD or a download link The installation media deliverable will include:
  1. z/VM System Image (either 3390 or SCSI). Beginning with z/VM 7.2, the System Image is on two Disc's.
  2. z/VM Recommended Service Upgrade RSU. Beginning with z/VM 7.2 the RSU is on Disc 2.
  3. Any optional priced features User Memos or IBM licensed products ordered
  4. The z/VM Installation Guide

    Follow all instructions contained in your order. Some helpful links are: z/VM download instructions. and z/VM upload instructions

    Warning: If you have individual service (PTFs/APARs) on your system to be upgraded, there is a rare instance where the included RSU may not contain all service. You may need to verify individual service gets applied to the new system.

NOTE: It can't be stressed enough that reading and planning is critical to the success of both traditional installation and upgrade installation. Please read the z/VM Installation Guide and fill out all applicable worksheets.

Installation RSU Service Levels

z/VM 7.2 System Deliverable service level
September 2020 deliverable includes the 7201 RSU with component service levels:
CP: Service level 2001
LE: Service level 2001
ICKDSF: Service level 1901

z/VM 7.1 System Deliverable service level
September 2018 deliverable includes the 7101 RSU with component service levels:
CP: Service level 1801
LE: Service level 1701
TCPIP: Service level 1801
ICKDSF: Service level 1802

Continuous Delivery

  • Continuous Delivery is new with z/VM Version 7.1
  • With the introduction of Continuous Delivery z/VM now has two releases available for ordering.
  • To see if it is right for you please visit: z/VM Continuous Delivery News.
  • If Continuous Delivery provides more function than you're looking for, order the older release until you are ready to migrate.