Last Updated: 1 November 2022

Replays of Linux on IBM zSystems Live Virtual Classes

Note: The links to the recordings may no longer be available, however, the presentations are still accessible and are a good source of education on a particular subject.

Title Date Abstract Replay Link
From Containers to Cloud with Linux on IBM Z PDF January 24, 2018 Containers have been hyped for some time now. This webcast will outline usage and attributes of container solutions in the context of Linux on IBM Z. You will also learn about current approaches and projects and how all that relates to Cloud setups. Click here
Linux on IBM Z - What's New? PDF December 13, 2017 This presentation will give an overview of the Linux on IBM Z project. It will show Linux as an very active open source project and will give you insight into what makes Linux so special. During this session you will learn about the newest features of the Linux kernel and what these features can do for you. Click here
Linux on IBM z14: Performance and testing experiences PDF November 29, 2017 The next generation of the IBM mainframe has arrived, the IBM z14. In this session you will learn what you need to consider from a Linux perspective before doing an upgrade, and you'll find out more about the improved performance of running Linux on the IBM z14. Click here
Pervasive Encryption for Linux on z Systems and LinuxONE PDF September 27, 2017 Pervasive Encryption with Linux on IBM z Systems (IBM Z) comprises a collection of improvements of the Linux on z Systems crypto stack that will become available over time, starting with the availability of the IBM z14 server. Click here
OpenStack enablement for System z DPM hypervisor PDF August 30, 2017 On IBM Z Systems and IBM LinuxOne machines, certain workloads run better in a partition of the firmware-based PR/SM (Processor Resource/System Manager) hypervisor, than in a virtual machine. OpenStack nova-dpm project provides a Nova virtualization drive for the PR/SM hypervisor of IBM Z Systems and IBM LinuxOne machines that are in the DPM (Dynamic Partition Manager) administrative mode. Click here
Establish an Enterprise Analytics Hub on Linux on IBM z Systems and LinuxONE PDF July 19, 2017 The session positions Linux on z and LinuxONE for hosting an Analytics Hub for Databases, Cloud and z/OS data. offering for 1.0. This webcast will explain the architecture of the HSBN In conjunction with Watson technologies and Machine learning you can enable an Analytics Hub with high potential to extend your business and inhibit fraud. Click here
IBM Blockchain High Secure Business Network (powered by LinuxONE) PDF May 17, 2017 The Blockchain offerings have been updated with the availability of the Hyperledger 1.0. The HSBN based on LinuxONE is our only supported offering for 1.0. This webcast will explain the architecture of the HSBN based on the Hyperledger 1.0 and what value-add we provide on top of open source project. Click here
The IBM Enterprise Integration Hub on Linux on z Systems and LinuxONE PDF February 8, 2017 This session illustrates solution concepts that you can use now to easily enforce business rules and IT processes, integrate cross platform services, microservices and Open Source technologies even in a Hybrid Cloud, to become the most agile and innovative integrated business. Click here
An integrated Single Sign-On Solution with Linux on z Systems, z/OS, and Microsoft Active Directory PDF December 7, 2016 This session will highlight the architecture of this Single Sign-on solution, the different technologies included, and how they were integrated in order to address a client's needs. Click here
Linux on z Systems and LinuxONE Crypto Overview PDF October 26, 2016 This presentation describes the cryptography hardware support available on z Systems and LinuxOne systems and how Linux on z Systems and LinuxONE can use this HW support to reduce the overhead of encryption to a minimum and to reach the highest levels of protection. Click here
Fully Automated Installation of Ubuntu Server 16.04 with preseed PDF August 3, 2016 This Live demo session explains and demonstrates how to perform a fully automated installion of Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS server on z System platform. The following aspects are covered:
- How to customize the parmfile for an automated installation of Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
- Explanation of a customized preseed file for Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
- Live demo of fully automated installation under z/VM
- Live demo of fully automated installation under IBM KVM

Configuration Files:
Click here
IBM Dynamic Partition Manager (DPM) including live demo PDF March 9, 2016 IBM Dynamic Partition Manager (DPM) intends to provide a simplified, consumable, enhanced z Systems user experience reducing the barriers of adoption for new and existing clients. It delivers dynamic z Systems hardware and virtual infrastructure management including integrated dynamic I/O management to users with general virtualization knowledge and minimal mainframe knowledge. The focus of the initial release is on First In Enterprise (FIE) customers and Linux only. Click here
Docker and z Systems PDF September 23, 2015 Docker is an open-source infrastructure for quickly building, deploying and managing applications, running on many platforms including Linux on z Systems. This session gives an overview of Docker, its concepts, and its usage in light of Linux on z Systems. Click here
Java on IBM z13 - A Performance Update PDF July 1, 2015 This session will explain and quantify the benefits of the new z13 technologies for Java and highlight the conditions when your own applications can best exploit the new features. Click here
Hybrid Cloud with z Systems and SoftLayer PDF June 24, 2015 After a brief introduction of Hybrid Cloud, its concepts, and the demo architecture and infrastructure, a Hybrid Cloud landscape is demonstrated on a life environment, based on a simple 2-tier workload running on top of the Cloud infrastructure. Click here
Cloud Computing Solutions on z Systems PDF May 13, 2015 This session is about Hybrid Cloud Computing - getting the best of both worlds, the cost efficiency of public cloud with the security and the flexibility of a private cloud. Click here
Linux on z Systems - What's New? PDF April 15, 2015 This session will give you a broad view of the next features of the kernel for Linux on z Systems and what these features can do for you. Click here
Problem Determination for Linux on IBM z Systems PDF January 28, 2015 Different tools for monitoring the system and data collecting are introduced. A few customer cases are analyzed to give you some concrete hits and tips. Click here
Part II of Linux on System z Disk I/O Performance PDF December 16, 2014 This webcast introduces some commonly used setups, such as a view on the relative performance differences between SCSI and DASD, and some disk setups for use cases with OLTP-like workload and FTP server workload. Click here
Enterprise JavaScript with IBM SDK for Node.js PDF December 3, 2014 Node.js has become one of the most popular frameworks for developing cloud, mobile and web-serving applications. With the IBM SDK for Node.js, you can develop and deploy your Node.js applications on Linux on System z. Click here
Introduction to Elastic Storage for Linux on System z PDF November 12, 2014 This presentation introduces the Elastic Storage, based on General Parallel File System technology that will be available for Linux on IBM System z. Click here
FCP with Linux on System z: Best Practices PDF September 24, 2014 Best practices for FCP configuration based on over 3 years experience in problem determination and problem solving around zfcp. Click here
zdsfs - Direct Linux access to z/OS data sets PDF July 30, 2014 This session provides an introduction to the concepts and usage of zdsfs and the considerations that must be taken into account when deploying zdsfs in a production environment. Click here
Virtualization and Systems Management of z/VM and Linux with IBM Wave for z/VM PDF June 4, 2014 This webcast will provide a high level overview of the architecture and discuss some of the capabilities offered by IBM Wave that simplify the deployment of Linux on System z and help to manage applications without the need of deep System z specific skills. Click here
Linux on System z - Automatic CPU and memory resource management for z/VM Linux guests PDF May 14, 2014 This session shows how to define rules and analyze the performance impact of various rules when CPU and memory resources of a Linux z/VM guest are automatically adjusted via cpuplugd. Click here
Mobile Computing on System z with IBM Worklight PDF April 29, 2014 System z can host a mobile environment and enable end-to-end secured solutions from mobile devices to back-end services. The mobile environment on Linux on System z can access existing core applications making them available to a high variety of different mobile devices. With IBM Worklight you can integrate your core applications, remote services and data servers with mobile applications. Click here
Websphere Application Server V8 for Linux on System z - SSL Setup and Performance Study PDF February 12, 2014 Overview of the SSL performance for the encrypted communication with an IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) exploiting IBM System z cryptographic hardware features. Click here
Porting Java Application to Linux on System z PDF January 15, 2014 The presentation will be based on practical, hands-on experience from past projects of porting Java applications to Linux on System z. Click here
z/VM 6.2 Live Guest Relocation with Linux Middleware PDF December 11, 2013 This webcast will inspect Linux middleware, evaluating the influence that specific types of Linux applications have on relocation performance. Click here
Linux on System z - Current and Future Technology PDF November 13, 2013 This webcast will show Linux as a very active open source project and will give you an insight to what makes Linux so special. Click here
How to surprise by being a Linux Performance "know-it-all" PDF October 9, 2013 You can help your service round trip times by knowing your system, workload and tools better. This presentation will give an overview about some of the more advanced tools available in Linux. Click here
Linux on System z Disk I/O Performance - Part 1 PDF September 18, 2013 The presentation introduces features available in Linux on System z and in storage server hardware that help increase disk I/O throughput. Click here
Mobile Computing with System z and Linux PDF July 16, 2013 MobileFirst delivers a comprehensive suite of products in support for mobile computing, including IBM Worklight. Join this Webcast to learn more about IBM Worklight and how it fits into System z environments. Click here
The zEC12 Racehorse Linux Performance Update PDF June 19, 2013 This webcast will focus on highlighting the features of the zEC12 and comparing it with predecessor machines. Click here
Hints & Tips for Solving Linux Problems with Customer Cases PDF May 15, 2013 This webcast is about problem resolution in Linux on System z running with or without z/VM. Click here
zFCP Performance Analysis PDF April 25, 2013 This webcast will focus on ziomon, a tool for in-depth analysis of FCP performance on System z. Click here
Running Linux-HA on a IBM System z PDF January 30, 2013 This presentation will show you how Linux-HA on a System z server can ensure your application availability and when a high availability cluster is needed on highly available hardware. It will cover the basics of a Linux-HA cluster system and discuss the most commonly used high availability configurations. Click here

Title Date Abstract Replay Link
kdump on System z PDF December 19, 2012 This presentation reviews the traditional s390 Linux kernel dump methods, describes the specifics of the s390 kdump port, and explains the integration into the existing s390 dump infrastructure. Click here
Demo: Linux on System z debugging with Valgrind PDF October 17, 2012 This session will give an overview about the classes of problems Valgrind can detect, talk about graphical user interfaces and other important aspects of Valgrind. Click here
Linux on System z Performance Update SLES11 SP2 PDF September 19, 2012 This session covers the overall status of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (SLES11) SP2 from a performance point of view. Click here
Demo: Installation methods for Linux on System z without repository server PDF June 20, 2012 This session shows three not well known ways of installation exploiting the distributor's DVD media. Click here
Introducing the Linux Health Checker PDF May 30, 2012 The Linux Health Checker is a tool to perform a preventive check-up of your Linux system. It is meant to detect improper configurations, potential system vulnerability and system states that may lead to problems during the future execution of your workloads. Click here
Linux on System z Current & Future Technology PDF April 18, 2012 n/a Click here
Optimizing Resource Utilization for Linux under z/VM - Part II PDF March 28, 2012 This session discusses the resource utilization of Linux z/VM guests, and possibilities to reduce or control it. Click here
Memory Sizing for WebSphere Applications on System z Linux PDF February 14, 2012 Getting the best TCO from a large virtualized server requires paying attention to the memory used by applications and z/VM Linux guests. This sessionn gives a step-by-step approach. Click here
Integrating x86 workload into Linux on System z environments PDF January 18, 2012 This session gives an introduction to the concept of application integration, shows its benefits and demonstrates how easy it is to integrate x86 workload in Linux on System z environments. Click here