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IBM z/VM and VM-related licensed products and features

Links to some IBM z/VM and VM-related licensed products and features below

Note: This is not a complete list of all products for VM that are available from IBM. Refer to LP Migration Matrix for product numbers and see either the IBM Sales Manual or search IBM Announcement Letters.

APL2 Licensed Product
Archive Manager for z/VM
Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM
BookManager Family of Products
C and C++ for z/VM
CUF (z/VM CMS Utilities)
COBOL Family
DB2 for VSE & VM
DFSMS/VM (Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem)
Directory Maintenance (DirMaint)
DMS/CMS (Display Management System/CMS)
GDDM family of products
HCD (Hardware Configuration Definition)
HCM (Hardware Configuration Manager)
High Level Assembler (HLASM)
Host Management Facilities (HMF)
IBM Security zSecure Manager for RACF z/VM
IBM Wave for z/VM
Infrastructure Suite for z/VM and Linux
Language Environment®
MQSeries Client for VM/ESA
NFS Server Support
OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux
OpenExtensions for z/VM
Operations Manager for z/VM
OSA/SF (Open Systems Adapter Support Facility for VM)
Performance Products for z/VM from IBM
Performance Toolkit for VMTM
PL/I family
Query Management Facility (QMF)
RACF Security Server feature for z/VM
RSCS (Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem)
RSK (Reusable Server Kernel)
SDO (VM System Delivery Offering)
System Administration Facility of z/VM
Systems and storage management products for z/VM
Tape Manager for z/VM
TCP/IP for z/VM
Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux
Tivoli Storage Manager
VisualAge Generator
VM Batch Facility
VM/Pass-Through Facility
VSE guests on VM