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IBM Open Systems Adapter Support Facility (OSA/SF) for VM

Product Number: 5655-104 Release 2.2.0 (old release, unsupported)

Product Number: 5741-A05 Release 4.4.0 (current supported release)

OSA/SF for VM is an optionally-installed facility supplied with VM that allows you to customize the modes of operation of an Open Systems Adapter, a unique type of S/390 channel. In the VM environment, an OSA can transfer data between TCP/IP and VTAM(r) and host programs and their clients on the local area networks (LANs) that the OSA supports. More ]

OSA/SF Related Information OSA/SF and OSA2 Configurations

General Information

OSA/SF Installation


TCP/IP and VTAM Related Information

IOCDS Sample Definition

Detail OAT Table Sample

Summary OAT Table Sample

Sample Device Configuration  

Available Documentation/Publications OSA/SF Support Structure

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