Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem (RSCS)

On Feb 6, 2007, it was announced that RSCS is repackaged as an optional feature with z/VM V5.3
Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem (RSCS) V3.2.0 (5684-096) has been repackaged and is now available for licensing under International Program License Agreement (IPLA) terms and conditions. RSCS Function Level 530 (FL530) is available as a priced, optional, preinstalled feature of z/VM V5.3. Pricing is based on engine-based Value Units and is available for both IFL and standard processor configurations. RSCS FL530 provides dynamic command authorization support through a new server, RSCSAUTH, that runs as a disconnected z/VM server and is authorized for all RSCS commands. This can eliminate the need to recycle RSCS when changing system and link authorizations.

RSCS is a z/VM networking program. It provides data file transfer and print services to, from, and through the 1 z/VM system on which it runs using both its own and TCP/IP networks. It extends the scope of a single system to an entire network of computers and devices. RSCS transfers data (as spool files) between its local system and remote devices and printers or other systems. It also acts as a print server for remote printers attached to other VM systems or a TCP/IP network. Through RSCS, users can send and receive messages, files, commands, and print and submit jobs within their network.

The stand-alone RSCS V3.2.0 (5684-096) product was withdrawn from marketing effective May 26, 2008 and is planned to be withdrawn from service effective October 31, 2009.

Product Number: 5684-096 Function Level 630

Last updated: August 09, 2016 (announced secure TCPNJE support)

VM/Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem Networking (RSCS) is a networking product which enables users on one system to send messages, files, commands, and jobs to other users within a network. [ More ]

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  • Secure TCPNJE Support is now available for RSCS FL 630 via the PTF for APAR VM65788. For details on configuring TCPNJE links to use the TLS/SSL protocols, please see the Memo to Users provided with the APAR.
  • RSU 0201 is available for RSCS 3.2.0.
  • View the web page containing resources for Internet printing.
  • RSCS Presentation, Using RSCS in the New Millenium, by Les Geer
  • Relief for truncation of SMSG's less than 132 bytes and assembly problems with the BRC macro are provided in APAR VM61946. This APAR is included on RSU 9901.
  • TCP/IP UFT Support is available in RSCS

RSCS General Information

RSCS Service Information
z/VM Service.

Preventive Service Available

3.2.0 UV99320 RSU 0201
3.1.1 UV99311 RSU 9901
3.1.0 UV99310 PUT 9401
2.3.0 UV99230 PUT 9305

The following CP, GCS, and RSCS APARs must be applied to avoid CP performance problems, FRF002 or UDR001 abends and NJE link problems:

  • VM61399 Available on RSU 9801 for VM/ESA 1.2.2, 2.1.0, and 2.2.0.
  • VM61468 Available on RSU 9801 for VM/ESA 1.2.2, RSU 9802 for VM/ESA 2.1.0, and 2.3.0, RSU 9803 for VM/ESA 2.2.0.
  • VM61888 Available on RSU 9803 for RSCS 3.2.0.
  • VM62065 only required for Bi-Sync connections. Available on RSU 9902 for VM/ESA 2.2.0, RSU 9903 for VM/ESA 2.3.0.
  • VM62389 for proper handling when rejecting files.

Online support available for RSCS:

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