VM/Pass-Through Facility (PVM)

Product Number: 5684-100 Release 2.1.1

Last Updated: 2024-02-09

VM/Pass-Through Facility (PVM) is a communications product used by VM users to access other systems (such as VM, MVS, OS/390, VSE, and AIX). PVM lets you access, log on, and use another system in defined PVM and SNA networks as though your display station is directly connected to that system. All you need is a user ID for the system you want to access. Once you have connected to a target system, you may communicate with that system as though you are working on that system.

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Latest PVM News

  • With the PTF for APAR VM66733, the PVM server no longer requires SET 370ACCOM ON. The PVM server will execute in a MACHINE ESA mode virtual machine and can operate in either CMS or z/CMS environments. In addition, support for configuring the following obsolete devices and functions has been removed with no replacements available:
    • BSCA: Bi-Sync device driver
    • ISFC (CSECOM): CSE Support
    • R3270: Remote 3270 device support
    • ROCF: Remote Operator Console Facility
    • S3270: SNA 3270 device support
    • TRACE command: System Trace File Interface (Diagnose X'E0') support
    • 3088: DIAG/NODIAG options
    • 327X: Direct attached 3270 device
    • 328X: Attached printer support

    PVM continues to support the following connectivity configurations:

    • CTCA: Channel-to-channel adapters
    • TCPIP: Secure or non-secure TCPIP
    • APPC: Advanced Program-to-Program Communications
    • 3088: Via FICON adapters
    • IUCV: Inter User Communication Vehicle (IUCV) to communicate with a PVM to VTAM gateway (PVMG) server
    • PCCF: For cross-systems IUCV communications
    • GRAF: Graphics for direct-attached display stations

    Multiple Pass-Through VM(MPVM), CMS PASSTHRU, and Cooperative Viewing Facility(CVIEW) continue to be supported environments.

    Note: The CVIEW server continues to require 370 accommodation.

PVM General Information