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Last Updated: 3 November 2018

IBM enters into a new era for delivering enhancements to z/VM advanced virtualization technology with z/VM Version 7.1. With the adoption of the z/VM Continuous Delivery model, IBM offers z/VM V7 clients timely introduction of new functions in the service stream and a two-year release delivery model that helps clients predictably manage the life cycle of their z/VM systems. The z/VM Continuous Delivery model provides schedule flexibility as IBM partners with the z/VM community in the development and delivery of new functions.

To support continuous deployment of the new z/VM functions, z/VM V7.1 includes the Single System Image (SSI) function as part of the z/VM V7.1 base at no additional cost. This helps z/VM users reduce planned outages of their Linux workloads as they adopt the z/VM Continuous Delivery model. z/VM SSI was a priced feature of z/VM Version 6 and offers Live Guest Relocation and single system maintenance. It gives IT professionals a mechanism to operate Linux virtual server images without experiencing planned interruptions as they apply updates to their z/VM system.

With the availability of Dynamic Memory Downgrade for z/VM V7.1, clients can remove, and also add, memory allocated to a z/VM LPAR without disruption. The appeal of this capability increases with the use of SSI, where users can shift memory from one LPAR to another as part of a service or migration operation that requires an outage of an SSI member. Dynamically, it reallocates memory on a temporary basis to potentially achieve higher levels of service for a member of a SSI cluster that is hosting virtual machines being transferred from another member in the cluster.

The z/VM Continuous Delivery News web page will be the primary vehicle used by IBM to describe new functions that are planned for z/VM. It is the recommended way to keep track of future development and support plans for the z/VM product. z/VM clients should consider subscribing to this page. Instructions are included on the VM Site File Change Notification web page.

z/VM 7.1 is supported on the IBM zEnterprise BC12 and EC12 or later IBM Z server.

For more details on z/VM 7.1, refer to the announcement letter below.

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