VM and VSE Systems programming assistance by IBM

Product Support Specialists with IBM Global Technology Services can provide installation and migration services for the VM and VSE operating systems, their major subsystems, and even third-party software. These are highly skilled individuals, most of whom have spent a lifetime supporting the VM and VSE platforms.

Here are some of the things our IBM team can do for you:

  • VM system software installation, including optional products
  • QuickStart for z/VM
  • VM software maintenance application
  • TCP/IP for VM implementation
  • Contract Systems Programmer for VM
  • Linux guest system installation, cloning, and integration with S/390 and zSeries

  • Multiple VSE guest support under VM
  • VSE system software installation, including optional products
  • VSE system upgrade via Fast Service Upgrade
  • VSE software maintenance application
  • VSE "Health Checkup"
  • TCP/IP for VSE/ESA implementation
  • Contract Systems Programmer for VSE

  • OEM sofware installation
  • VTAM customization
  • NCP install/implementation
  • IBM 9221 ICA to Multiprise 2003 with OSA
  • ESO implementation (ES/9000, Multiprise 2000, hardware and software, internal disk)
  • IOCP coding
  • LPAR implementation on S/390 and zSeries
  • System recovery following hardware failure
  • Implementation of Token Ring and Ethernet Lans
  • OSA-2 implementation
  • OSA/SF implementation
  • Performance consulting
  • Disaster Recovery planning / testing
  • FBA to (E)CKD DASD conversion
  • (E)CKD to non-similar (E)CKD DASD conversion

  • Anything with VM in its name
  • Anything with VSE in its name

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