VM Developer Home Pages

There are many folks in VM Development, and they have all kinds of talents... for example, some are programmers and testers, some are information developers, others do business planning, forecasts, or marketing activities, and some are in management.

Some of these people are interested in sharing their work with you via the Web, so we've made this area available on our site so that those who'd like "a little corner of the Web" can easily have one.

Here's a list of all the developers who have pages on this site. To see which of these pages have changed recently, visit our change summary page.

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Alan Altmark Sue Farrell Michael MacIsaac
Marci Beach Dan FitzGerald Bill Moy
Bill Bitner Glenda Ford Dennis Musselwhite
Mary Ellen Carollo John Franciscovich Paul Novak
Tung-Sing Chong Jacob Gagnon Ron Pierson
Ken Davis Les Geer Patty Rando
Miguel Delapaz Tim Greer Steve Shultz
Michael Donovan Brian Hugenbruch Peter Spera
Jim Elliott Richard Lewis Brian Wade
Eric Farman Mark Lorenc Steve Wilkins