z/VM Corrective Service

When unexpected system behavior occurs, please use one of the following resources to determine if the problem you have encountered has already been identified and corrected:

IBM Support Portal

Closed APARs with z/VM 7.3 PTFs (searching with component ID and R730)

Closed APARs with z/VM 7.2 PTFs (searching with component ID and R720)

Closed DFSMS/VM APARS with function level 221 PTFs

For APARs opened against a release, search with the component ID and release number (without the R, ex. 730). Compenent IDs can be found in the Program Directory for z/VM.

Report a problem to IBM

If your search has not identified a fix for the problem you are experiencing, open a z/VM case with IBM. Please be sure to provide as much information as possible about the circumstances which are associated with the problem.

Software problem reporting