z/VM Centralized Service Management

Managing multiple remote and local systems while coordinating levels of service among these systems can be difficult. New with z/VM 7.2 is a service management tool, z/VM Centralized Service Management (z/VM CSM).

When using Centralized Service Management, one system is designated as the principal system. This system uses the Shared File System (SFS) to manage service levels for a set of defined managed systems, regardless of their geographic location. The new SERVMGR command uses VMSES/E commands to apply service and local modifications, to build serviced content, and to drive the transport of the packaged service to the managed systems.

Software requirements:

Before you initialize z/VM Centralized Service Manager, the PTF for APAR VM66428 must be:
  • Installed on the principal system and all remote systems in your Centralized Service Management environment. Before you install the service please review the Service News Hot Topics that explains a SERVICE RESTART will be required.
  • Applied to any customer-defined z/VM CSM service level that is based on the BASE z/VM Centralized Service Managed service level (the service level that incorporates the initial z/VM 720 RSU).

Is z/VM CSM right for your environment?

z/VM CSM requires careful planning prior to initialization and is intended to manage service for multiple remote and local systems. z/VM CSM adds complexity that may not be necessary if your systems are managed with the current SERVICE and PUT2PROD commands. IBM recommends that prior to implementing this new function, you determine if it is right for your environment. To see if z/VM CSM is right for you, refer to the z/VM 7.2 Service Guide. To better understand the new SERVMGR command, refer to the z/VM 7.2 SES/E Introduction and Reference. Check here for a quick sample of SERVMGR command syntax, but always refer to the above z/VM 7.2 SES/E Introduction and Reference before getting started.

Note: z/VM CSM is not available for use on systems in an SSI cluster.

Additional Information

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