Last Updated: 13 September 2022

z/VM CP and Other Component APARs Released Between 7.2 GA and 7.3 GA

When a new z/VM release is delivered, the z/VM development intent is that all service updates for the previous release either will be in the new release code base, or available as an APAR/PTF fix for the new release. However, because a certain amount of time is required to process the new release deliverable, the "cutoff date" for service that can be included in the new release code base occurs several weeks prior to the new release General Availability (GA) date.

Thus, a small number of PTFs can be released for z/VM 7.2 (prior to the z/VM 7.3 GA date — 16 September 2022) that are not included in the z/VM 7.3 code base. The information presented here is intended to help you identify such APARs that are of interest or concern to you, as you consider or plan a z/VM 7.3 system upgrade.

A complete list of all APARs that are included in the z/VM 7.3 GA code base, tagged by individual z/VM 7.2 component product IDs, is available in this file: VM-730GA SYSAPARS

Note that the content of this file has been adapted specifically for use on a z/VM 7.2 system.

IBM recommends that you review your z/VM 7.2 system service prior to a z/VM 7.3 system upgrade. To aid with that evaluation, the CHKAPARS tool can help identify APARs on a z/VM 7.2 system that are not in the z/VM 7.3 code base.

This utility generates a CHKAPARS REPORT file on the A-disk that includes three sections (for a given z/VM product/component), which describe:

  • APARs on your z/VM 7.2 system that already are in the z/VM 7.3 code base (Matched APARs)

    Any service listed in this first section for a component can be dismissed, because this service already is included in the z/VM 7.3 code base.

  • APARs on your z/VM 7.2 system that are not in the z/VM 7.3 code base (System-Unique APARs)

    For service listed in this second component section, you'll need to order and apply equivalent z/VM 7.3 PTFs after z/VM 7.3 is installed.

  • APARs in the z/VM 7.3 code base that you do not have on your z/VM 7.2 system (New-level APARs not present/applied)

    Service listed in this third component section is part of the z/VM 7.3 code base, but is not applied on the z/VM 7.2 system. No action with respect to z/VM 7.3 is necessary. However, the listed APARs might represent service that should be considered for application to the z/VM 7.2 system, until it is upgraded to the z/VM 7.3 level (provided that corresponding z/VM 7.2 PTFs exist; some or all of the listed APARs could be unique to z/VM 7.3).

For operational details, consult the prolog of the CHKAPARS EXEC, or its provided CMS HELP file (CHKAPARS HELPVMSE).

The basic steps required to make use of the CHKAPARS utility are:

  1. Download the CHKAPARS package, and extract its content to MAINT720 191 disk.
  2. Download a copy of the VM-730GA SYSAPARS file to the MAINT720 191 disk, naming that file as: VMNEWLVL SYSAPARS
  3. Run CHKAPARS to perform the intended evaluation:
    • for a single z/VM component, such as CP:
       chkapars cp vmnewlvl sysapars a
    • or, for all z/VM components:
       chkapars all vmnewlvl sysapars a
  4. Review the generated CHKAPARS REPORT file.