Query Service and Identify RSU Levels Applied

Before applying service or upgrading to a new release it is important to understand the level of service on the current system.

  • The SERVICE STATUS command will help identify a component's or product's current RSU level.
  • Query a system's level of CP service. Part of planning for future service is understanding what service already exists on a system. z/VM 6.4 introduced the QUERY CPSERVICE command. See the z/VM: CP Commands and Utilities Reference
  • Query other components' service

    The VMFINFO tool can be used to query all service for a particular component. Using a system's PPF FileID, the product and a setting of 'Setup = yes', you can 'S'elect to search all PTFs or APARs on that system. For additional information refer to z/VM: VMSES/E Introduction and Reference.

    Note: It is possible that a new release of z/VM will have less service (when installed) than the previous release. There are rare instances when a multi-release PTF closes after the first RSU is built. If that PTF was ordered and applied to the old system and it didn't make the new z/VM release, it is possible the old system will have more service. IBM recommends using the above steps to verify your existing system and compare it to the newly upgraded system. For additional information visit: z/VM: VMSES/E Introduction and Reference.