Ordering and Installing VM Service

z/VM V6 and V5 Service and Support   
Ordering z/VM Service   
Installing z/VM Service   

z/VM V6 and V5 Service and Support :
z/VM V6 and V5 defect support under the terms of the IPLA license, is provided only through e-mail, fax or postal service. Optional Subscription and Support (S&S) is available for z/VM V6 and V5 for an annual fee. This optional support includes telephone assistance (voice support for defects during normal business hours) and access to updates, releases, and new versions of the program for as long as support is in effect. Please reference the IPLA Terms and Conditions for more information on the defect support provided with the basic license.

Ordering Service

A new order or new release level of z/VM comes with the product deliverable plus an RSU deliverable that contains the recommended service (a subset of service determined to be needed by most).

Before installing, check the Preventive Service Planning (PSP) information (sometimes called PSP Buckets) to match what you have received against the latest RSU level and also determine if there are any HIPERs and PE (Programming Error) fixes that you may need. In the future, if other service is needed to fix a specific problem, another RSU, COR (Corrective Service), or ESO (Expanded Service Options) may need to be ordered.

RSU is a packaged deliverable that includes pre-req and co-req service. COR service will fix a particular problem and does not automatically include pre-req and co-req unless requested.

VM Service can be ordered several ways:
IBM Shopz (Registration required)

  • Path:
    Shopz Sign in    
           Provide your IBM ID and password
           create new software orders
           follow the screens to select/fill in information
  • email will be sent when order is ready for download

IBM Support Center
  • In the United States: 1-800-IBM-SERV
  • Outside the United States and Puerto Rico, contact your local IBM representative or authorized supplier.

IBMLink (for subscribers)

  • Path:
    IBMLink ServiceLink SRD (Service Request Delivery)
       Choose RSU or ESO or enter the PTF number

  • To verify the order, use "List Order". When the order status indicates "Received", wait a bit, and then refresh the page until status indicates "Submitted". Then click on the order number to read the instructions for retrieving that service.

Ordering a PSP Bucket
In addition to installing the RSU, it is recommended to check for a PSP Bucket for HIPER fixes, PE's or other required service that may not have been available at the time the RSU was created. PSP Buckets are ordered by "Upgrade Name" for the product or feature. For the list of upgrade names, refer to "Preventive Service Planning" section in the Program Support Chapter of the Program Directory. You may order through the IBM Support Center, IBM System z Support Portal, or through IBMLink.

Installing Service

About Electronic Service Delivery
The instructions tell you to unterse or decompact the envelope file you receive. You do this by using the DETERSE module, which is shipped as part of VMSES/E on its production disk (default is MAINT 5E5).
The filetype of DETERSEd files MUST be SERVLINK.

Instructions for installing service on z/VM V6

  • For the z/VM V6 components and pre-installed features and products, the preferred method is to install service using the automated service process:
  • For IBM Licensed Products for VM, refer to their Program Directory for the product service instructions.

Instructions for installing service on z/VM V5