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z/VM resources for Linux on IBM System z

IBM System z customers can enjoy the benefits of running Linux in virtual machines on IBM System z.

z/VM supports one of the world's leading Open Source operating systems, Linux, on the mainframe. Within the VM environment, Linux images benefit from the ability to share hardware and software resources and use internal high-speed communications. While benefiting from the reliability, availability and serviceability of IBM System z servers, z/VM V5.4 and z/VM V6.1 offer ideal platforms for consolidating select UNIX™, Windows™, and Linux workloads on a single physical server which allows you to run hundreds to thousands of Linux images. z/VM V5 and V6 use an engine-based Value Unit pricing which is designed to provide a decreasing price curve as hardware capacities and workload grow, which may help improve price/performance.

With 38-plus years of guest support enhancements, z/VM offers customers a functionally-rich environment for running Linux on IBM System z. Learn more about IBM Enterprise Linux Server - Consolidation for Everyone .

These flyers describe System z, z/VM and the benefits of virtualization for infrastructure simplification.

PDF z/VM virtualization and Linux on IBM zEnterprise System
PDF Linux on IBM System z with z/VM V6.1 (10-2009)
PDF Linux on IBM System z with z/VM V5.4 (10-2009)

Instead of building their own Linux system (see IBM developerWorks) , most people obtain a pre-built commercial distribution of Linux. See also the IBM tested Linux environments for System z.

z/VM: Getting Started with Linux on System z PDF 05-2007

10 Years of Enterprise Linux on IBM System z
by Klaus-Dieter Wacker (Mainframezone - July 6, 2010)


Getting started

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