z/VM resources for Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE

Enjoy the benefits of running Linux virtual machines on IBM Z or LinuxONE hardware under one of the world's most secure, functionally capable, and feature-rich enterprise virtualization platforms: IBM z/VM.

Security and resiliency don't need to be expensive

Rely on hardware designed for 99.99999% availability, workload isolation, and faster recovery, coupled with class-leading enterprise virtualization to host thousands of virtual machines on a single system.

The highest levels of security, performance, scalability, and system management offer a solid foundation for your hybrid cloud IT infrastructure. With virtualization density known for setting leadership trends in the market, learn how workloads consolidated onto Linux under z/VM share resources to reduce costs.

Linux server virtualization

Within the z/VM environment, Linux images benefit from the ability to share hardware and software resources and use internal high-speed communications. While benefiting from the reliability, availability and serviceability of IBM Z, z/VM offers an ideal platform for consolidating select UNIX™, Windows™, and Linux workloads on a single physical server which allows you to run hundreds to thousands of Linux images. z/VM V6 uses an engine-based Value Unit pricing which is designed to provide a decreasing price curve as hardware capacities and workload grow, which can help improve price performance.

Continually enhanced for Linux workloads

Each new version and most new service levels contain enhancements to support Linux workloads.


Built to run Linux alongside other operating systems, IBM z15 single- and multi-frame systems deliver security, privacy, and resiliency as part of your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

IBM LinuxONE is designed with clients for open innovation that combines the best of Linux and open technology with the best of enterprise computing in one system.

Linux distributions

Run a variety of Linux distributions as z/VM virtual machines -- including Red Hat™ Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Canonical Ubuntu Linux -- with a common experience.

Getting started

If you will be supporting Linux on z/VM, consider attending any of the following:

  • A course from IBM Training
  • A free Live Virtual Class (LVC) from IBM
  • Formal VM-related classes and training from non-IBM sources

Visit the z/VM online library, which includes a getting started publication z/VM: Getting Started with Linux on Z

Visit the z/VM Begin with the Basics page

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