z/VM for z/VSE Guests

Whether you are among the many who enjoy the benefits of running VSE as a guest of VM or if you're considering doing so, these resources are for you.

IBM z/VSE home page

Information on z/VSE as a guest of z/VM

The Value of VM for VSE Enterprises
e-business with VM/ESA and VSE/ESA PDF
VSE/ESA Performance when running under VM/ESA
CCW translation
"VM for VSE Guest Performance", by Bill Bitner
"VM/ESA Greater N-way Thoughts", by Bill Bitner

Note: Release z/VSE V4 and higher executes in z/Architecture mode only and supports 64-bit real addressing for selected system functions. z/VSE V4.1 is designed to exploit up to 8 GB of processor storage.

z/VSE V3 and earlier releases can execute in 31-bit mode only. They do not implement z/Architecture, and specifically do not implement 64-bit mode capabilities. z/VSE is designed to exploit selected features of IBM zSeries hardware. See the IBM z/VSE web page for details about z/VSE.