z/VM-Centric Information for Security Regulation Compliance

This page provides information that has been gathered and organized to provide z/VM customers the information they need to be able to securely send diagnostic data to the z/VM service team.

For general IBM information for using FTP to transfer customer service data to IBM, click here

Actions Required for z/VM Customers:

Anonymous FTP to testcase no longer allowed as of October 5, 2020

As of October 5, 2020, IBM no longer allows anonymous FTP to site testcase.boulder.ibm.com. To FTP files to z/VM Service, in addition to an IBM id, you will need to obtain an IBM Support File Transfer ID to allow you to authenticate. This id will enable you to securely FTP files to IBM from your z/VM system. Secure FTP is the only method available on z/VM to accomplish this.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you obtain your IBM Support File Transfer ID now so that you have it available. You can obtain this userid by clicking here.

Configuring your z/VM system for Secure FTP

There are operations that you MUST perform on your z/VM system to enable you to use Secure FTP to transfer files from your z/VM system to IBM service. These operations are:

  1. Install and configure z/VM SSL using TCP/IP Planning and Customization, SC24-6238, Chapter 16: Configuring the SSL Server.
  2. Obtain and install needed root and intermediate CA certificates. Click here for instructions.
  3. Verify that you can connect to the IBM Support server(s) you use. You may need to make changes to any firewalls between z/VM and the internet. Consult with your firewall administrators as soon as possible to identify problems and implement and test required changes.