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IBM Developer Page for Michael MacIsaac

Updated: December 30th, 2013

It was with sadness and anticipation that I left IBM for another opportunity at the end of 2013. This page will no longer be updated but I hope the references will still be useful for some time to come.

This page contains Mike MacIsaac's publications and presentations related to z/VM and Linux on System z.

Virtualization Cookbooks

These books were written to allow you to quickly install and configure z/VM, install and configure Linux, clone Linux, create appliances and other miscellaneous tasks. Each book,in PDF format, comes with an associated tar file of z/VM REXX EXECs and Linux scripts.



Presentations from user group meetings and technical conferences.


Mz (Managing z) is an experimental, open source package that provices both CLI and Web GUI interfaces to many z/VM and Linux system administration tasks. You can find it here on


Copies of REXX EXECs from various publications are also listed here for easy download. See the z/VM installation chapter of most Virtualization Cookbooks for a detailed description of usage.

  • CPFORMAT - Format a series of volumes
  • SSICMD - Run a CP command on all SSI members

Linux shell scripts

Copies of shell scripts that might be useful.

  • - List how Linux volumes are being used by processing /etc/fstab

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