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Last reviewed:  2008-02-01
Last revised:2008-02-01

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Work Assignments

Monitor Data

My enhanced MONWRITE can help you collect z/VM monitor data.

If you need the very simplest MONWRITE instructions possible, try this.

Want some incentive to practice collecting MONWRITE data? Check out this free offer!

Bill Bitner's MONWRITE data collection tips are also very useful.

The Very Basics of z/VM

  • Audio narration: Recently I recorded an audio narration for our lab's introductory z/VM presentation The Very Basics of z/VM. To download the narrated PowerPoint file, right-click here, pick "Save Target as...", and save the 113 MB file. After you download it, unzip it to recover the PowerPoint file.

  • z/Journal article: In early 2008 Bill Bitner and I cowrote this article (880 KB) for z/Journal. The article covers the same material as the above PowerPoint presentation.


Here are some things of mine you can download. Keep these points in mind:

Anyway, the packages are:

Package Description More...
BKWPITCH GUIDE, etc. presentations (+)
BOX2BMS Draw box diagrams for BookMaster documents (+)
CC Distributed clock comparison utility (+)
CHAT Network chatting tool using CMS distributed queues (+)
CMSFMT DVF aids for CMS Application Multitasking (+)
CPICSAMP CPI Communications samples (+)
DMGR Dialog manager for EnterpriseWeb/VM(tm) (+)
ECHO Empty Rexx/Sockets-based, multi-client TCP server (+)
EWEBSTAT Status display for EnterpriseWeb/VM (+)
INHEX Encoder for SMTP Submissions to the VM Download Library (+)
IPCSAMP CMS distributed queueing samples (+)
MYLOGGER Replacement logger for EnterpriseWeb/VM (+)
OTTOSCR Screen scroller for Fullscreen CMS (+)
PWCHECK HTTP basic authentication password checker for ISFC collection (+)
RSK-GA RSK Samples and Examples (+)
RSKFIX RSK Fix Pack (+)
RSKPROB Problem tracking tool for EnterpriseWeb/VM (+)
SEARCH Search engine for VM-hosted web sites (+)
SRMTIDLE Sets CP test-idle timer (+)
TLD TCP/IP line driver for CMS distributed queues (+)
VMHP Tools we use to run the VM home page (+)
WKPITCH 1997 VM Workshop presentations (LIST3270) (+)