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Alan Altmark's Home Page

Picture Welcome to the House of Chuckie!

Here you'll find:


I joined IBM in 1982 as a CMS developer, working on:
  • CMS 3: CMS 3380 support SPE
  • CMS 4: GCS recovery machine and MACHEXITs
  • CMS 5: CMS performance improvements in the SVC handler, memory management, and virtual reader I/O
  • CMS 6: SFS GRANT and REVOKE AUTHORITY commands and their underlying CSL routines, DMSGRANT and DMSREVOK.

In 1987, I moved into System Evaluation, where I focused on customer-oriented testing of VM. It is there that I developed my expertise in VTAM, APPC, NCP, EP and TCP/IP.

In 2000 I left the test organization and formally moved into the Development team where my primary area of responsibility was z/VM security. However, I kept my hand in virtual networking and VM TCP/IP.

In the Fall of 2010, I left z/VM Development, joining IBM System z Lab Services as a z/VM and Linux consultant. I now work directly with customers on a variety of z/VM-related topics.

In addition to my technical responsibilities, I have taken on the role of ombudsman. That is, I pay attention to what you, our clients, are saying about z/VM. To that end, I monitor the public fora in which IBM, System z, and z/VM are discussed. These include the IBMVM, LINUX-390, IBMTCP-L, and IBM-MAIN mailing lists.

I regularly speak at the System z EXPO and Technical Conference in both the United States and Europe, and am an IBM representative to the Linux-VM program of SHARE. I was the z/VM rep to WAVV and a member of WAVV's Executive Council, but now I just speak when I'm invited. :-) In addition, I've given many presentations to Bay Bunch, MVMUA, HillGang, NEUVM, and CAVMEN.

You can reach me at: Alan_Altmark at (the @ sign was left out to frustrate e-mail harvesters). if you want to discuss any aspect of z/VM.