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Summary of which VM Release to Order and What is Supported

As of July 23, 2013 you can order:
  • z/VM V6.3
    This includes the optional, priced features for z/VM V6.3 including the Single System Image Feature (VMSSI), RACF Security Server FL630, the Performance Toolkit for VM FL630, Directory Maintenance (DirMaint) FL630, and RSCS Networking FL630.
As of July 23, 2013, IBM Supports
  • z/VM V6.3 is planned to be supported until April 30, 2017.
  • z/VM V6.2 is planned to be supported until April 30, 2015.
  • z/VM V5.4 is planned to be supported until 12/31/2014, or until the z9 EC and z9 BC servers are withdrawn from support, whichever is later.

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