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z/VM V6.3 Resources

z/VM Version 6 Release 3 Resources

z/VM 6.3 - Virtualization with Efficiency at Scale

IBM z/VM V6.3 extends the mainframe virtualization platform to help you reshape and derive more value from your experiences. z/VM V6.3 is designed to offer:

  • Improved economies of scale with z/VM Support for 1 TB of real memory
    • Better performance for larger virtual machines
      • Quadruples memory scalability while continuing to maintain greater than 90% resource utilization
    • Additional vertical scalability to help reduce logical partition (LPAR) sprawl
      • Considerably more virtual machines can be consolidated into a single LPAR, depending on workload characteristics
    • Reduced administrative expense through managing a smaller number of large-capacity z/VM host servers
  • Improved performance with z/VM HiperDispatch
    • More efficient utilization of CPU hardware resources for dispatched work
  • IBM has adopted OpenStack as part of its cloud strategy. In concert, IBM is making contributions to the OpenStack project that are designed to enable z/VM 6.3 to be the first System z operating environment to be managed by these open cloud architecture-based interfaces
  • Simplified migration to z/VM V6.3 with upgrade in place reduces the effect of an upgrade on active workloads
  • Highly secure industry-standard support that is required for banking and financial-industry applications
  • Support for the new IBM zEC12 and zBC12 servers
Today's z/VM provides a highly secure and scalable enterprise cloud infrastructure and an environment for efficiently running multiple diverse critical applications with support for more virtual servers than any other platform in a single footprint. Enhancements that provide improved scalability and better price performance strengthen z/VM as a foundation for optimized workload deployment with reduced costs per virtual server.

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