VM LP Matrix Documentation Updates

Cumulative list of updates for the V5 Editions (as of April 25, 2005)
  • Changes in version dated 04/25/05
    • Additions to the Matrix:
      • IBM Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM V1.1
      • IBM Tape Manager for z/VM V1.1
      • DB2 for VSE and VM V7.4
    • Changes to product entries
      • Changed incorrect program numbers 5608-ISM and 5608-ISX to 5698-ISM and 5698-ISX, respectively, as well as changed the Withdrawal from Marketing dates
      • Added Withdrawal from Marketing and Discontinuance of Service dates for Tivoli Storage Manager products
      • Added Withdrawal from Marketing dates for DB2 for VSE & VM V7.3
      • Added Withdrawal of DB2 for WWW Connection for VM/ESA
      • Added Discontinuance of Service date for DB2 for VSE and VM V7.2
  • Changes to prior editions below:
    • Updated for z/VM V3.1 withdrawal from marketing.
    • Added column for z/VM Version 5 Release 1. Changes to records to reflect support for z/VM V5 are not flagged as changes. Only new product additions and changes to records, such as Withdrawal from Marketing and End of Service, are flagged.
    • Additions to the Matrix:
      • IBMDB2.... Server for VSE and VM 7.3.0
      • TCP/IP Level 510
      • Performance Toolkit for VM feature for z/VM V4.4 and V5.1
      • RACF/VM feature for z/VM V5.1
      • DirMaint feature for z/VM V5.1
      • PRFfeature for z/VM V4
      • RTMfeature for z/VM V4
      • High Level Assembler and the Toolkit Feature V1.5.0
      • IBM Debug Tool for z/VM V4.1
      • Tivoli Storage Manager V5
    • Corrections made from previous editions

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