VM Documentation Symbols

Some symbols and acronyms used in the table are:

X Indicates that this Version.Release.Modification level of this product is supported in the environment represented by that column.
NA Mode is not applicable. Product does not run in the host. But is supported with this VM environment.
- Indicates product is not support by IBM in a given VM environment. Some "AS-IS" products have programming support services available for a fee.
EOS End of Service (synonym = End of Currency).
FCS First Customer Ship.
GA General Availability.
PRPQ Programming Request for Price Quotation (IBM custom built program products).
TBD To Be Determined.
WfM Equates to: Withdrawal from Marketing (synonym = End of Marketing).
| In the left margin denotes new products and note changes since the last version.
* $ % @ + ** Indicate there is a note in the 1st table note below this row. The note may relate to service, Year 2000 or some special information about this product running on the specific level of VM/ESA.

NOTE: A blank cell indicates that support information for this Version.Release.Modification level was not available at the time of publication. You should contact IBM Service for specific questions.

NOTE: Due to space constraints, we cannot list all the information which may be relevant to running a particular product in a particular z/VM environment. You should always check with your IBM Service representative or on OITools for the latest information on installation and service.

Service for PRPQs ranges from full Central Support, to 100 days of support, to none.

The following symbols are used in the VM/ESA (other than the V1 R1.5 370 Feature) columns:

370 Executes in a 370 mode virtual machine using 24-bit addressing and 370 I/O
TOL Toleration mode: Executes in an XA mode virtual machine using 24-bit addressing and XA I/O. Tol means 370-XA architecture toleration.
Note: some translators (eg. HLASM, PL/I V2, PASCAL) will generate code that will use 31-bit addressing.
EXP Exploitation mode: Executes in an XA mode virtual machine using 31-bit addressing and XA I/O. Exp means 370-XA architecture exploitation. Some products which exploit 31 bit addressing may require that a segment be saved below the 16 megabyte line. This information is contained in the individual product documentation. I will note this when I have that information.
SVM At least one Server machine runs only in a 370 mode virtual machine, user code will run in an XA or XC mode virtual machine.
XCTol XC Toleration: Executes in an XC mode virtual machine and is either XA-370 Tolerant (see definition of Tol above) or XA-370 Exploitive (see definition of Exp above). VM Data Space Support is not exploited.
XCExp Support offered by the ESA/XC architecture. XC Exploitation: Executes in an XC mode virtual machine and uses/exploits the VM Data Space Support offered by the ESA/XC architecture.
370A 370 Accomodation: Program(s) must execute in a virtual machine with 370 Accomodation mode set to ON.