Open Systems Adapter / Support Facility

OSA/SF and Device Configuration

Pre-Config thoughts:

  1. Each OSA2 port should either be connected to the network or have the wrap plug installed (IE: the port needs to be terminated somehow...otherwise data bits may leak out!).
  2. In order for the OSA2 card to work, it needs to have a TCP/IP Image and/or an SNA Image applied to the card. All OSA2 cards (except the ATM type) come with the TCP/IP Image already applied.

General Thoughts:

Neither OSA/SF and/or OSA2 modifications are needed if you will be running in default TCP/IP mode only and using default unit/port addresses. However, you will not be able to talk, look, apply service, modify configuration, or basically do anything with your OSA2 card(s) (other than use) until you install OSA/SF.

Configuring your devices:

The basic steps to configure and use devices with the OSA2 card(s) are:
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  1. Define the device(s) to the system (IOCDS)
    • Don't forget the OSA/SF Unit Address x'FE OSAD definition
  2. Update the OSA2 OAT table
    • GET_OAT and update to reflect your device addresses and uses.
    • Osa Address Table - used to define devices to the OSA2 card.
  3. Issue IOACMD and select the option for - Config_OSA
    • If using a SNA port, the CONFIG_OSA command will note this from the OAT Table and place a SNA IMAGE out to the OSA2 card.
    • IOACMD CONFIG_OSA can also be issued to skip the first menu.
    • NOTE: If the Config OSA option is not present, you are missing OSA/SF COR APAR OW33394
  4. Now you will need to Activate the OAT and IMAGE file(s) on the OSA2 card
    • For Any changes to take affect, you must vary associated devices and the OSA2 CHPID offline (from ALL LPARs/Systems where defined) and online .
  5. Your OSA2 card should now be ready to operate in the defined TCP/IP and/or SNA mode(s). You now need to attach the devices to the Virtual Machine(s) that will be using them.


  • When using TCP/IP, the IOCDS device addresses must match with the OSA2 device address which must match with the TCP/IP Profile Address (Device/Address and Link/Port numbers must match).
  • When using SNA connections, ensure the VTAM COR is current so comminications with the OSA2 are understood. Incidents have been reported when ACTIVATEing the OSA2 device from VTAM and receiveing a response of 081C000C or an 081C0000. The 081C000C indicates missing VTAM COR (VM59237 for starters) while the 081C0000 may indicate the OSA2 SNA Image is not activated.

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