Open Systems Adapter / Support Facility

OSA/SF Installation Hints

General Thoughts:

The MAINT userid may have R/W links to the OSA/SF minidisks and can cause various failures in OSA/SF connectivity. After OSA/SF installation is complete, either comment out or remove the OSA/SF minidisks statements in the MAINT userid directory entry.

Installing OSA/SF:

  1. (Added 01/03/01)
    You should review the VMOSASF220 PSP bucket prior to installing (or using in the case of pre-installation) the OSA/SF or prior to applying OSA/SF COR.

  2. When Installing OSA/SF, please follow the Installation Instructions in the LATEST copy of the OSA/SF Program Directory. ,

  3. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the LATEST OSA/SF COR be applied when installing OSA/SF. This helps to ensure the driver levels of the EXEC's, GUI, OSA/SF code, and any IMAGES are available.

  4. A 'gotcha' is the 70xx minidisk, don't forget to format it!

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