Last Updated: 1 November 2022

Replays of z/VSE Live Virtual Classes

Note: The links to the recordings may no longer be available, however, the presentations are still accessible and are a good source of education on a particular subject.

Title Date Abstract Replay Link
News on z/VSE Security, Crypto Support and OpenSSL for z/VSE PDF September 19, 2017 This session will show how to exploit z/VSE Security and Crypto features like the new OpenSSL support and Encryption Facility for z/VSE. We will discuss recent technology news such as Diffie-Hellman key exchange and Elliptic Curve cryptography and how it can be used with z/VSE. In addition, IBM mainframe cryptographic technology, including Crypto Express and CP Assist for Cryptographic Function (CPACF) are discussed. Click here
z/VSE Latest News PDF April 11, 2017 z/VSE V6.1 is generally available since November, 2015. Further functional enhancements and device support will be applied to z/VSE. Watch this webcast to get an overview on latest z/VSE news. Click here
CSI TCP/IP for VSE Update PDF January 17, 2016 This session will review recent changes, maintenance, and new features in the CSI TCP/IP for VSE product. Click here
IBM IPv6/VSE 1.2 What's New! PDF December 6, 2016 This presentation will look at the new features and updates available in IBM IPv6/VSE 1.2. Click here
z/VSE exploitation of IBM z Systems hardware and IBM Storage PDF August 2, 2016 This session provides information on the latest z/VSE hardware support. It shows how z/VSE 6.1 exploits z Systems and attached devices. It will give a short overview on z/VSE's implementation of PAV, SCSI, OSA, Crypto, FlashCopy, and more. Click here
Live Demo: Tape-less z/VSE installation PDF July 12, 2016 In this session we show how to create an installation disk from an AWS tape and how to use it for z/VSE installation. We also show possible pitfalls and explore how VSEIDISK works. Click here
z/VSE latest news PDF May 4, 2016 This LVC session provides the latest z/VSE V6.1 update. You will get more information about new announcements such as the IBM z13s and the z/VSE Network Appliance. Ingolf will also address device support since the z/VSE V6.1 announcement in October. The Migration Pricing Option (MPO) will be discussed too. Click here
z/VSE 6.1 - A Quick Overview PDF December 1, 2015 This LVC session gives some information about the z/VSE 6.1 release content. z/VSE 6.1 comes with a new CICS TS version, the first new version since 16 years. z/VSE 6.1 focuses also on security, networking, hardware exploitation and connectivity to Linux on z Systems and other platforms. Click here
Solution concepts to integrate z/VSE data and applications with your IT PDF November 10, 2015 This session will show the concepts of how you can design flexible solutions to access and integrate the different z/VSE data and applications from remote platforms, from the Web or from a Mobile App. Click here
VSE/VSAM Fundamentals, Hints and Tips and Best Practices PDF September 29, 2015 This session will review basic VSAM concepts, provide hints and tips and some best practices of data organization and management. Click here
Preview announcement of z/VSE V6, and more PDF June 9, 2015 This session will provide an update on the news in and around z/VSE V6. A special focus is on the exploitation of IBM z13 and on the latest Statements of Direction that might become relevant to z/VSE users. Click here
Analyzing CICS TS SOS Problems in z/VSE PDF March 10, 2015 This session is an introduction to the design of CICS storage management. It explains what triggers an SOS condition, how it affects CICS processing and introduces a potential workaround. Click here
Mobile access to the existing z/VSE application PDF February 24, 2015 This webcast will provide an overview of the IBM MobileFirst practice, followed by the necessary tools and knowledge to start mobile development for z/VSE. Click here
z/VSE SCSI Support and Migration Options PDF December 9, 2014 This session gives an overview of the z/VSE SCSI support, which has been available since 2005. It will also discuss supported devices and the migration from ECKD to SCSI. Click here
z/VSE VSAM Enhancements PDF October 14, 2014 This session provides information about VSAM updates introduced with z/VSE Version 5. It covers IDCAMS Commands Security, new SHOWCB features, new parameter for DLBL for VSAM files and more. Click here
z/VSE Connectors Update PDF September 30, 2014 This session provides an introduction of the newest Connectors features in z/VSE V5.2. Click here
An introduction to tuning VSAM file performance under CICS TS in z/VSE PDF July 22, 2014 The aim of this presentation is to explain some of the theory about how VSAM works under CICS TS, and to show how local VSAM file performance can be tuned using the free tools provided by IBM. Click here
z/VSE Tapeless Initial Installation PDF June 24, 2014 This LVC provides an overview on how to perform tapeless initial installation of z/VSE, a feature introduced with z/VSE 5.2. Click here
z/VSE V5 Update PDF May 6, 2014 This session will provide an update on the features and functions of zEC12 and zBC12 that are tolerated and exploited by z/VSE V5. You also get an insight into functional details of z/VSE with the emphasis on z/VSE V5.2 Click here
CSI TCP/IP for VSE Update PDF March 4, 2014 This webcast will present information about the latest development and support activities on the CSI TCP/IP for VSE product. Click here
Update on Encryption and SSL PDF January 22, 2014 This LVC provides an update on encryption and SSL in z/VSE 5.1. Click here
Exploit new z/VSE solutions with zBC12 in a virtualized environment PDF November 19, 2013 In the last releases, z/VSE implemented new functions to enable it for modern solutions in a virtualized, heterogenous environment on the newest zBC12 Hardware. Integrate existing traditional transactional workload with web environments and mobile. Use your data in information management and Business Intelligence solutions. We will elaborate how you can take advantage of these concepts Click here
Language Environment for z/VSE - Pieces of News, Tips and Enhancements PDF October 24, 2013 This webcast will show of a recap of application run-time capabilities, discuss enhancements with z/VSE 5.1, complemented by "hands-on" advise for callable service use programming, environment independent application execution, 4083 abend handling and some tuning tips. Furthermore it will highlight the benefits available with optional feature and tools usage. The session will be given in two consecutive parts. Click here
z/VSE CMT and SCRT Update PDF September 10, 2013 The session provides a technical overview of the implementation of sub-capacity software pricing in a z/VSE environment using the z/VSE Capacity Measurement Tool (CMT) and Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT). Click here
How to avoid or handle CICS storage availability problems PDF June 25, 2013 The session explains what diagnostic material IBM needs based on the symptoms, the correct commands to be used to monitor storage usage and to force CICS dumps for cases such as SOS, and even includes typical SDAID commands for the various types of GETVIS storage leak. Click here
z/VSE Security Overview and Update PDF June 4, 2013 This session provides an introduction and best practices to the basic security concepts of z/VSE. Click here
Important Update on z/VSE Enhancements PDF April 2, 2013 z/VSE V5.1 is generally available since November 2011. Additional functional enhancements and hardware support were implemented in z/VSE since then. Watch this webcast to get an overview on latest z/VSE news including an overview and a dive into selected new features. Click here
z/VSE Release and Version Upgrade, Migration Considerations - Part 2 PDF March 12, 2013 This is the second part of an overview about the Fast Service Upgrade (FSU), what is covered by FSU and how it works. Learn the differences between a FSU versus initial installation and migration of current data. Also discussed in this session will be Migration tools focusing on specific migration items like security definition, VSAM data, language environment and more issues. Click here
z/VSE Release and Version Upgrade and Migration Considerations PDF February 19, 2013 This webcast will provide an overview of Fast Service Upgrade (FSU), what is covered by FSU and how it works. It will also cover a comparision of FSU with initial installation, the migration of current data, and an overview on migration tools. Specific migration items like security definition, VSAM data, language environment and more issues will also be covered. Click here

Title Date Abstract Replay Link
System z Hardware Exploitation in z/VSE PDF December 11, 2012 This session gives a short overview on z/VSE's implementation of PAV, SCSI, OSA, Crypto, FlashCopy, and more. Click here
VSE/POWER - all the news since z/VSE 4.2 PDF October 30, 2012 This session discusses all the new VSE/POWER features and enhancements in z/VSE since 4.2 including directing PUNCH output to VSE/AF sub-library members, operator command improvements, new TKN attribute, OGM support, output limitation facility and more. Click here
Securing Data Transfers using IPv6/VSE PDF September 12, 2012 This session will discuss some basic network penetration threats, z/VSE's OpenSSL feature and how IPv6/VSE facilities for securing sockets makes using SSL simple and easy. Click here
The New z/VSE Database Connector (DBCLI) PDF July 17, 2012 This session will give an overview about z/VSE Database Connector and shows all its features and benefits. Click here
IPv6 in z/VSE PDF May 22, 2012 This session will discuss the shortcomings of IPv4, the basics of IPv6 and what type of support is available for IPv6 in IBM's z/VSE Operating System. Click here
Monitoring Principles and z/VSE Monitoring Options PDF March 22, 2012 The session shows an overview about monitoring with general recommendations and z/VSE specifics. You can monitor z/VSE using standard SNMP and include it in your enterprise monitoring environment. That enables centralized monitoring in heterogenous environments and event driven actions Click here
z/VSE Connectors Update PDF February 15, 2012 This session provides an introduction into the features of the z/VSE Connectors in z/VSE V5.1 and V4.3. Click here